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Old 01-20-2010, 07:33 PM   #1
Bilge Rat
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Default T34 vs Tiger newbie questions...

Hello new to the forum and just got T34 vs Tiger and love it but am kinda confused about mods. I donated to the ZeeWolf project in the hopes it provides more missions and playable tanks, that's what i'm looking for basically. Are there other mods that provide more to the game that i'm missing? Not sure where to look. Thanks!
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Capt. Shark Bait
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nope, nothing else except this: it's a bit of a preview and balances everything out so the russians are overpowering when playing the German side
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Grey Wolf
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Default Tvs T mods

The only Pre ZW mod for T vs T I know about is the T34/76 one made mostly for MP but that also modified the first Soviet single mission replacing the T34/85 by a T34/76( one has to be a masochist to do that...). You can find it on the download site. I never tried it personally.Other mods are MMP3, MMP4, MMP5 made by MP modders and tweaking the game to give the Tiger a faster reload rate and a slower one for the T34/85 as per historical data. I downloaded both because although I don't play MP the change apply to SP missions as well. They are a welcome change to the original game which aimed to balance the odds.You can also find the same download on the site( you can translate downlaods and instructions into English).
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