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Originally Posted by Dan D View Post
Thx admin.

I would like to say that when I first met Neal Stevens 2005 in Amsterdam (Intercontinental Subsim Meeting) in person, I insulted him by mistake, a language problem, but he stayed cool.

As I don't often meet Texans and because Texas is such a mystical place for a German boy: Cowboys with hats and boots and guns on horses etc, I said to him with enthusiasm while we shook hands: „Hello, that is cool to meet a mad Texan“.

Neal Stevens rose an eyebrow or two, looked at me and said: I guess you mean „crazy“ (aka slang „kinky“). Who are you?“
I said: „ I am „Dan D“.
Not sure if I knowingly insulted Neal when we met (he's far too much of a gentleman to have let me know I guess) but another Texan at the Houston SubSim Meet was my good friend Todd (Kpt. Lehmann) and one day I said ""We should go into Houston, visit a few bars and I'll probably end up getting pissed". His reply was "Oh Jim, who are you going to get pissed at?"

I'll not go into some of the language barriers Steve and I have had to surmount over on Skype
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Oh my God, not again!!

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What were the Best Post and the Funniest Post of the Year?
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Big Walleye and Hottentot. And welcome back after four years Taygoo
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Congrats to all the winners!
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