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Old 08-21-2017, 08:44 AM   #16
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Originally Posted by Lynx38195 View Post
Merge with Playable Subs worked for me as well.

Just copy the payable subs and objects from Playable Subs into the campaign summary of Freeroam.

Modern subs seem to be a bit OP though, it would be nice to have some more difficulty when playing a Seawolf for example.
Also I found the main soviet ports to be protected by only 3 merchant ships twice. It would be more challenging if there would be warships and subs guarding the port.

Thanks for the mod, had hours of fun with it so far.
I'll tell you what's really OP, that damn helicopter.

Come into a match at 10 Knots (drop to 5 right away) and 30 seconds in that mofo drops a torpedo right on top of me. No way in hell they found me that fast, not to mention they seem to have unlimited fuel.

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Old 08-29-2017, 05:14 AM   #17
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Any further feedback on this one?

I think the mod works well at the moment so I should remove WIP status.

It does seem to work with mods like PRS because this one only adds a campaign really.
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Old 08-29-2017, 11:45 AM   #18
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No problen , great mod, thank´s
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Old 08-29-2017, 01:29 PM   #19
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I have tested it quite a bit, and it is nice. They only change I would like to is is:

Would be nice to see more contacts (or battle groups) on the map at the same time. Then one would really have a choice what to engage, like: Now I am more in the mood to fight some subs instead of surface groups. It was nice to see that some ships have up to three sub escorts, I like that!

Second, sub missions seems to be more rare in general, more of them would be nice as well.

Great addition, and no bugs noticed (except for the initial one that could easily be fixed)!

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Old 09-06-2017, 09:53 AM   #20
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Is there a free roam for early period as well? I love the Thresher/Permit in the 1968 campaign but I also love the RSR Free Roam.
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Old 09-06-2017, 11:30 AM   #21
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I can make one this week, I think
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Old 10-16-2017, 07:15 PM   #22
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I'm getting a bunch of errors, such as:

EventWin no file found:

When I view the "LANDING_FORCE_0.txt" file, compared to _1 and _2, it's missing the last 2 lines:


Is this the source of the error? Do I have to go in and add an EventWin and EventFail to every mission that's missing them?

Thanks for any help you can provide!
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Old 10-17-2017, 01:25 AM   #23
Bilge Rat
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Great Mod
...cleaned up Title Screen..fits a little better on Campaign Page.

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Old 07-18-2018, 01:50 AM   #24
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Where is the best place to patrol? I haven't been able to find a single ship. Also, is there a downloadable map out there that shows the shipping routes and lanes in game?
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