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Kapitan.z.S Hartmann
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11.5.1935 Mouth of the River Weser

The ship returned to Deschimag for final adjustments and on the 11th the ship departed for sea trials with a commission from A.G. Weser Werft aboard the ship fired her main and secondary guns before putting into Columbus Pier to take on fuel. The following day Schiff 30 continued her sea trials as far as Hohe Weg Lighthouse.

On the evening of the 12th. Schiff 30 once again made fast at Columbus Pier after taking on fuel Schiff 30 departed Bremerhaven at 21:32 hrs. and returned to Bremen back to Deschimag. The ship arrived at Deschimag and was put into Drydock V for correction of defects found on the sea trials and modifications recommended by the Kommandant and crew. During the time at Deschimag the crew were housed in Barracks and not allowed to venture further than the city center.

On the morning of the 16th. the ship was refloated and towed to Fitting Out Pier Nr. IV. From the 15th to the 20st the ship was fitted with the remainder of her equipment.

Modifications and corrections to ship carried out by
Deschimag A.G. Weser Werft, Bremen
1.) Reinforcing of the bow, propeller, and rudder for sailing through ice.
2.) Addition of Seetakt/De-Telegraph and radar office.
3.) Addition of 2 x 3.7cm PAK 36 and 2 x 2cm MG C/30.
4.) Deckhouse on boat deck lengthened.
5.) Armor plating (0.25”) installed for the steering gear room.
6.) Upper bridge and wheelhouse layout remodeled. including the captain’s cabin, bridge radio room, and chartroom.
7.) Addition of cabins for 10 officers, 20 petty officers, and 60 ratings.
8.) Hold Nr. I converted to hold 5 Panzers (Sd.Kfz. 101) and other equipment.
9.) Workshop added for Panzers.
10.) Exhaust noises eliminated by installing large new mufflers.
11.) Mine Deployment room enlarged by 10ft., scuppers enlarged.
12.) 7.5cm relocated further aft of the bow from Frame 264.5 to 260.0
13.) 3.7cm installed between Hold Nr. II and Foremast (Frame 204.9)
14.) 2 x 65cm searchlights installed on the upper bridge.
15.) Addition of 4 x 2cm MG C/30 2 all 4 were installed on the boat deck

Image 1: Schiff 30 on the River Weser conducting her sea trials
Image 2: Schiff 30 at the Deschimag A.G. Weser Werft, Bremen

"The clever combatant imposes his will on the enemy but does not allow the enemy's will to be imposed on him" Sun Tzu

Kapitan.z.S Hartmann's (U-35,U-46-U-204-U-332-U-256-U-293, U-838, U-830, U-834, U-1188, U-1180, U-835, U-840, U-839, Schiff 44 “AFRIKA”, Schiff 77 "Stortebecker", "Schiff 66 "WOLF", Schiff 19, Schiff 30) motto: Eastward Ho!
"Be more aggressive"

Schiff 30 wird sie alle versenken!
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