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Default [REL] Dragon's Addon to "The Wolves of Steel"

What I did:

First I have chosen a MegaModpack that is as close as possible to my likings.
I chose The Wolves of Steel by vdr1981 (Vecko).
He managed to merge many awesome mods together to a stunning MegaModpack.
Then I started to add mods I missed in The Wolves of Steel and changed the default settings of The Wolves of Steel.
For this I took care to only add sound files and texture files so no config gets exchanged or overwritten.
Sadly for some settings it was not possible to avoid exchanging config files. In this case I took the original files from The Wolves of Steel and edited them.
This way I ensured that the stability of The Wolves of Steel will stay the same.

The mods I added:

- Monochrome Pictures for Loading Screens - taken from Schleichfahrt Modpack
- DynEnv v2.9 - 3.a Enhanced Visibility (medium) - for a better visibility under water
- Naights Submaine Textures v1.2 (PUV) - I do not like the red textures in SteelViking's Interior, I like it dirty and dark
- MightyFine Crew Mod 1.2.1 Alternate heads with beards
- Mixture of DBSM and SDBSM - The best of both "Das Boot Sound Mod"
- MadMax SubDiesel
- Rongels Lifeboats - No way playing without that
- Critical Hits Torpedo
- Critical Hits Deck gun
- Pascal-VIIC-correct periscope in tube
- sobers NO ship bow wave mod SH5

The WoS files I edited:

- Officer Command „Identify Target“ activated (Page layout.ini)
- Damaging of KDB Hydrophon at 120m changed to ca. 190m (Zones.cfg)
- Adjusted wave type to wind speed (SeaParameters.cfg)

The settings I did in TDW Generic Patcher: (Snapshot)

- Removed independent engine control - it was bugged and useless
- Removed coercion of dud torpedoes - I hate dud torpedos even if it is realistic
- Added automatically switch to battery recharge mode when surfaced - Every time I surfaced I forgot to switch it on
- Reduced maximum wind speed - Sobers Smoke screen looked horrible with high wind speed
- Added colors to the MapTools - for better visibility

The settings I did in OptionsFileEditorViewer:

- Minimum Dails for all TDCs - I did'n need more dails
- Activated automatically switch to battery recharge mode when surfaced - additionally to the setting in the Patcher
- Removed time delay and teleport for CrashDive - I first thought CrashDive is bugged
- Added TAI Map, resized it and did some settings - This was my main isue with WoS
- Enabled graphical Tools for NavMap and did some settings - looking awesome
- Added the Officers Icon in TDC and activated the option to turn off TDC - Now you can use the 1-2-3 alignment
- Locked the Officers Icons on the bottom of the screen. - I did not like the scrolling because it was the only GUI part scrolling

Optional german patch:

Sadly all the mods change the ingame-texts to english.
If you are a german dude like me you do like to have german texts in the game.
Raven Corax did a very good job to translate all the files back to german.
I added his Raven Corax' German Patch to my Addon package.

DOWNLOAD including The Wolves of Steel v1.2
DOWNLOAD without The Wolves of Steel v1.2 (for those who have WoS installed already)
(Installation notes are included in the package)

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