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Default Thank you, developers

Just wanted to say BIG BIG thank you

I played Wolfpack with my wife this weekend and it was a great experience. I must tell you that she impressed me identyfing ships and calculating torpedo solutions (without any experience from other sub simulators before).

I remember playing Wolfpack when it was a baby, Marulken was its name then. My friends invited us, we had 4 laptops. There was an engine room then and a radar if I remember correctly. We searched the Baltic and had great fun learning all the systems of our sub, issuing orders, executing orders, decoding transmissions. We ended playing two subs and I was blown away by my friends with a deck gun. Great time

Wolfpack is a great successor. It is really easy to grasp. It has something I would call "Silent Hunter feeling". Interior is beautiful and even walking around is a pleasure. Moreover the movement is very smooth. I was really surprised how easy it was to climb the ladder, no ingame stuttering, no graphic glitches, perfect. To be honest there is a little problem when a sub is listing. Then it is impossible to walk beside this, eeh, main well at the center of control room, but there's an easy trick - it's sufficent to click on echo ranger to enter back part of the romm, or nav map / ballast tank controls to go forward.

Shooting with deck gun can be a fun team work, one person firing shells, the other using binoculars to tell if the shot landed to far or to close.

Ability to use alarm buttons and change light color adds to the atmosphere inside the boat.

Manning ballast and negative tanks as well as diving controls is easy at its fundamentals but it's also a thing that one can get skilled in. It is so different from just issuing order to dive as in Silent Hunter but at the same time doesn't require any mastery to make it properly.

I thought that I knew enough about shooting torpedoes (I used Hitman's GUI for SH3 most of the time) but I learned something new from the game manual. Thank you!

Thank you for your hard work and for taking care for realism in this game. I'm happy that such project are going on and making steady progress. It is really an original work and playing it is great every time.
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