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Originally Posted by VonDos View Post
Reversed normal, i guess...

Best regards,

Issues like this do illustrate the point I expressed at post #235 in this thread.

In theory, fixing reversed normals is a relatively easy task. In Wings3D:
  • switch to body selection mode;
  • select the object which needs to be fixed;
  • right click and choose 'separate' from the context menu;
  • press the space bar to unselect all;
  • still in body selection mode select manually all the sub-objects which display reversed normals;
  • right click and choose 'invert' from the context menu;
  • select all the previously separated sub-objects;
  • right click and choose 'combine' from the context menu.

The problem is that, depending on its complexity, a converted sketchup model can have several tens of small objects with reversed normals.

To make it worse, some geometries might have some triangles facing the correct direction and others reversed. In order to fix the latter without messing up the "correct" faces, one should separate them from the rest of the object by splitting their edges, invert them, and then re-weld them, a task which can't be easily performed in Wings3d.

To make the nightmare even worse, reversed faces is only one of the problems that you might have to address before you can import a semi-decent Sketchup model in game

Is it worth it? My general answer is nope, but that might depend on the model. @ Tigerzhunters if you upload somewhere your converted obj files
or if you point me to the original Sketchup model that you are working on, I might tell you more
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Originally Posted by Alex.B View Post
I don't think it makes sense. Anyone can change the ship's draft in the file *.sim

Gray-blue Alamosa with deckguns and liferafts will come later... But this is not accurate. Now I'm busy with tankers T-1 and T-2.
Hi Alex, how's the work coming along for the T1-MT type tanker? any new screenshots to share with us?
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new ships

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