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Default "Bombing the Reich" - and a mod

Happy Christmas, subsimmers!

Anyone remember "Gary Grigsby's Eagle Day to Bombing of the Reich"?
While not exactly a flight sim, but rather an aviation-based wargame, with roughly the level of detail you'd expect from a Gary Grigsby title - it's certainly relevant to anyone interested in WWII aviation, and playing through a full-length campaign will take you months of real time.

Now, I know this isn't exacty a hot new title (a remake of a pair of earlier titles, it was published in 2008 and hasn't been updated since 2009) - but if you feel like giving it another go (or trying it for the first time - with the Matrix winter sale going it's not excessively expensive), I just thought I'd give you a heads up that after several weeks of work, I released a large mod for it this week

The mod, my "Visual Improvement Pack (VIP)" does not affect the gameplay or performance, but basically replaces all the graphics and art files in the game for both a nicer look and a clearer situational awareness.

Here's a couple of before and after mod shots of the same exact game view:







Doesn't exactly turn this rather old and graphically minimalistic game into an HD remaster, but I hope the difference both in nicer art and clarity/readability is obvious

The mod's official "update space" is on the Matrix forums for the game, so I will point you there for further details and download links:

I guess that's a bit of a Christmas present from me

Meanwhile, if you have any memories or experiences with the game, feel free to share! I actually only got it around Thanksgiving, and had played only a little of it before deciding to take up the mod project - and now I am finally in the midst of a Luftwaffe BoB campaign

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Looks good, thanks!
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