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Default Sub^3 reboot

I made a thread earlier about a sub sim I was working on in Unreal Engine 4. That project, in a few words, didn't end up going anywhere.

I have a long summer ahead of me and I've decided to take what I learned and restart the project. I'll keep this brief because I assume many of you may have already seen that thread and a lot hasn't changed.

The vision of the project is simple at its core. I want a multiplayer sim that's fun to play and realistically, if not accurately, simulates things that impact strategy. The focus will be on acoustics, but I'll try and get other things right too, within my abilities.

Sub^3 uses a program called the Under Sea Modeling Library for sonar. It uses gaussian beam tracing to model sound propagation. USML is unique in that it uses spherical coordinates in all of its math. This, combined with the fact that I've decided prepackaged game engines are wholly unsuitable for naval simulations and ditched UE4, means that it's nearly trivial to allow Sub^3 players to seamlessly roam a spherical earth.

The new Sub^3 is written in C++11 with SFML, SFGUI, USML and Boost as key dependencies.

Development takes place at:

Sub^3 is nearing the initial release. Sub^3 0.1 "Bumper Subs" will feature arbitrary-size games in an arbitrary size-world. About the most you'll be able to do in this first release is play hide and seek. Physics and broadband sonar are both working, but there will be no weapons. If you wish, you could use your sub as a weapon, ramming anybody you can find.

I expect a release within about a week. There are only 2 blockers left, but I'll need to get it building on windows before I'll consider actually releasing anything, which might be a challenge. The download should be about 500mb, because there is a lot of temperature, salinity and bathymetry data required for accurately modeling sound.

I'd love to hear feedback or ideas about where to take the project from here. I want to make something you want to play!

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