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Default [Suggestion] ALARM! / Everyone to battle stations

I really think there should be a "ALARM!" (as in "Das Boot") / "Everyone to battle stations" command, which makes everyone currently standing down / being on break going to their respective station or assigned compartment.

For even more nerdy micro stuff one could assign stations like sonar, radio, tactical console or anyting else as a battle sation to special seamen, so the respective men don't have to run accross the whole boat to get to the place where they're needed most, when time is most crucial, as in an "Alert" state.

And I'd really, really love to let my crew do that daily ALARM drill from "Das Boot". Immersion +10

Edit: Typo. Also: Sorry, if I miss the correct naval terms or lingo here and there, but I think I should be understandable.

Edit 2: Sorry, but I just to have to link this here, as it's my favourite movie and the scene is just great

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If you order a crash-dive then you get the 'ALARM'! shout accompanied by much running, shouting and banging as your sub plunges down as fast as it can.

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Yeah, there is a siren. But no one is going to cancel their break or doing anything else differently than before.
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alarm , battle stations , suggestion

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