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Default Sea planes, patrol routes and submarines

Hi all,

I really hope people start to get into Jutland and the community grows because it's a fantastic game. I really enjoy the campaigns, and have learned to consolidate my submarines at the port in the east, and then have them patrol in the Jade just north Wilhelmshaven waiting to torpedo German battleships as they sally forth into the North Sea.

But I have so many questions not covered by the manual. What do those sea-tender plane vessels do? Do they add anything at all to a fleet, do they have extended vision, etc?

Secondly, when setting an area patrol, you set a number between 1 and 100, but what does that number stand for? The number of squares distant they will patrol? Even putting destroyers patrolling from Hull on 15, they seem to end up getting into trouble around Emden.

Finally, is there no way to combat submarines? In every 1916 campaign, this small flotilla of German mine-laying subs sets up in Zeebrugge and proceed to mine, with complete impunity, the entrance to the channel. The only success I've had, after laying around 4,000 mines (after multiple sorties with the Pluton based at Calais) around Oostende and Zeebrugge. After over a month of repeatedly mine-laying the waters up to the maximum 600 mines in the tiles around Oostende and Zeebrugge, and *on* the tiles, I've managed to sink *one* of the mine-laying submarines. That's it.

Also, the game does seem to severely favour the Germans and I've edited the database to give Germans and British the same fire control system otherwise it's just so one-sided as to be ridiculous (i.e. create a scenario and four oldest German dreads destroy a division of four Queen Lizs and two Revenges). Even having made the changes, the Germans often seem to do much better than seems common-sensical.

Anyway, that's my feedback. Please add more to the manual, explain what seaplanes are / do, if anything, please provide a way to attack or at least repel submarines (even if it means ramming the darn things), and please write a lot more about the mechanics of patrol routes, how campaign games work, that sort of thing. You've got a great underlying game, but the dearth of information can be quite frustrating.
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