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gear What I want to see in a perfect naval simulator.

Hello Gentlemen.

I want make a detailed description how a perfect naval simulator should looks like and then calculate how much effort it will take to develop such a simulator. So I decided collect all features and wishes which we want to have. Don't hesitate to add your opinions.

0. Realistic world depth map. You can seal anywhere you wish, no more any borders, and you will have shallow water where it really must be in real world and realistic bottom relief which is very important for navigation and submarines.

1. Realistic weather simulation. It may be very simple but it may simulate global weather processes so you, as a captain, can get weather map and predict the weather when you plan your route.

2. Realistic navigation. Including celestial navigation, navigation by bottom relief and so on. Simulation of streams including different streams depending on depth and time and temperature layers.

3. Detailed crew management and simulation of crew behavior depending of its number, skills, mood, fatigue, health and so on. Crew is the most important part of any ship so its management is the main part of sailing process.

4. Detailed simulation of physical behaviors of the ship. You could be able to describe physical conditions of the ship. all its compartments, cargo, engines, sails or other propeller and so on and then it must have correct behavior in the sea considering its materials and size, impacts of waves and wind, fire, explosions, hits of shells, collisions with other ships and reefs.

5. Ability to simulate other entities like airplanes, missiles, torpedoes, shells and so on.

6. Realistic internal mechanisms behavior. All mechanisms may break, overheat, burn out, change productivity and so on depending on its condition, using mode, intensity, and quality of the users.

7. Combat tactics simulation for all types of ships. It means correct tactics for any kind of ships or for orders of different kinds of ships. For example linear tactics for battleships, crossing the T for ships in the line in XiX century, prefered fire on rigging for Dutch ships and fire on the hull for English ships in Anglo-Dutch Wars and so on.

8. Interaction with other ships and HQ. Giving and getting orders, asking for news, exchanging goods, ammo or crewmen.

9. Simulation of any kinds of weapon and attacks.

10. Correct simulation of visibility. Fog, smoke, camouflage, background. Admiral can see only environment around his ship. Smoke, fog and distance impede see detailed position of ships and recognize them.

11. Simulation of command recognition probability depending of kind of connection. Voice, pennants and flags, radio and so on.

12. Support battle plan. Admiral give plan of the battle to his captains and they follow it when lost contact with the admiral or until another command.

13. All actions should have realistic probability of mistakes and should not always finish successfully. Wrong orders, wrong recognized commands, sudden explosions of ammo and mechanisms, errors in maps and navigation depending on quality of the crews and so on.
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Your list looks pretty comprehensive, but I'll add a couple items.

14. A spherical model for the earth, and a realistic horizon. Meaning that the shortest distance between two points is the great circle route, arctic regions are not 'stretched', and lines of sight are limited by the curvature of the earth's surface.

15. Realistic errors in firing solutions. (This is implied in 13, but I think merits it's own statement.) Range estimation, track estimation, plotting errors, and related factors preclude having the error-free, 'God's eye view', that we get in SH games, for example.

But, will we ever see all, or even most of these things?
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no 16 (maybe) : having the ability to choose surface ships or subs.

"One Torpedo . . . one Ship" - Otto Kretschmer
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And we want this to run on a laptop and cost about $50.00?

The terms "realistic" "world" combined with "detailed" "crew" and "detailed" "simulation" and the rest of the stuff all comes with cost.

Computational cost, programming cost, cost in difficulty of use.

The problem is that traditionally naval games, and sub games specifically have been single player games. The player starts the game/simulator and makes a certain level of decisions, hopefully with the objective of entertainment. But realistic and single player do not go together. There is a reason why "real world" commanders have large crews.. because there is no way one person can do it all... but in a computer game, most io the time one person (the player) has to do it all.

So there has to be compromises between two extremes

1. Either dumb down the simulation to the point that only the major (how that is defined) events are present at a level that a game player can handle

2. Get the computer to handle all the mundane tasks which further isolates the player and makes the simulator predictable aka unrealistic.

Programming such a game/simulator is always a delicate balance. How much of one and how much of the other tempered with all of the costs.

No one can play a truly realistic naval simulator by themselves and few would want to play a simulator in which the computer does everything.

So this is a great list. I would also add one more thing: an intimate date with Sandra Bullock since we are making an unreasonable list of stuff we ain't never gonna get.
abusus non tollit usum - A right should NOT be withheld from people on the basis that some tend to abuse that right.
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So far we have 15 points and not one of them is 'it has to be fun'.
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Originally Posted by Julhelm View Post
So far we have 15 points and not one of them is 'it has to be fun'.
For alot of us here, having all those points in one package would make it fun
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development, features, naval, new game, simulator

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