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Default SES Offline and thus can't access game I paid for

Edit: The SES server is available again and so I'm able to access the game.

I've also noticed in the most recent update, there seems to have been a re-balancing. For example, I sent the Battlecruiser Fleet against the Scouting Group. Admittedly I did have three Queen Elizabeths, but I destroyed all four German battlecruisers for a loss of two of the most modern battlecruisers (that were in the van and taking most of the fire) and the Indomitable (i.e. one of the oldest battlecruisers).

The Indefatigueables acquitted themselves well because their fire control means they can fire a full broadside (i.e. all eight 12 inch guns, like a shotgun blast). Unfortunately more modern ships, as they fire just one turrent at a time (i.e. a QE will fire just four shells, rather than eight), they still take just as long to reload / prepare to fire again, and it seems to me like that second barrel would be ready to fire immediately upon seeing the splash from shot.

Anyway, even though the game is old is looks great on 1920 x 1080 at highest graphics, on Windows 10 through StormPowered. I would like SES to continue to upgrade it, and if they can make some changes around the Royal Navy / German balance (where it treats Beattie's battlecruiser issues as being a problem of the entire royal navy, RN guns always take longer to reload, etc), I would be willing to pay for a small DLC or something. Maybe an anti-submarine DLC. I don't care, as long as SES is still doing upkeep on the game.

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