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Default Bloody nuisance - inability to transfer lobby when original lobby starter logs

I'm pretty new to this game, but have now had two consecutive multi u-boat games where the player who started the lobby has had to log, causing the rest of us suddenly to the end-game screen.

"Shirely" it would be better if the "ownership" of the lobby was automatically reallocated to another in-game player until at least the mission parameters are met, so we don't have these abortive games where all the players are effectively dumped out after hours of teamwork getting towards a firing solution...

Or am I missing something here?
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Onkel Neal
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Migrating hosts is on our to-do list.
The first truly good subsim was Aces of the Deep. Then there was Silent Hunter III. Now Subsim presents: Wolfpack.
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That's really good to hear. It also opens the way for much more persistant games, especially if an AI host was able to keep a convoy moving and progressing, so that players were able to rejoin an attack on the same convoy they'd been playing versus the previous real-life night.

That leads me to the idea of Lobby's being named for the convoy ie "PT17" rather than, or in addition to, the commencing player's handle. "PT17 = Bloggz"

Incidentally, one chap apologised to me for this happening after I'd posted here, please, I don't consider it your fault - RL intervenes sometimes - but it is currently a flaw in the system. Not your fault as a player!
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