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Default U 113 (IXC) - 1st War Patrol - Awards & Promotions

Originally Posted by Kapitän View Post
Started new career in August 2019 to commemorate the beginning of WWII, 80 years before ...


Sunday, 14 September 1941 - Lorient

B.d.U. Assessment:

A solid war patrol by this highly decorated commander with a new boat and crew, returning to active duty after having served in a training flotilla and encountering a changed situation at the front. The boat encountered heavy enemy air cover in the area between the Hebrides and Iceland, as well as the Bay of Biscay. The loss of two crew members on 6 August, is to be attested to this new situation.
Furthermore, the enemy now has the possibility of avoiding the Uboat positions, which caused the boat to encounter only independently traveling ships, with the exception of the small convoy eliminated on 7 August.
For this reason, B.d.U. has given the directive of cyphering of the grid indicators and the limiting of knowledge of the key to departments to which this knowledge is indispensable, to prevent the enemy being unable to gain any information on U-boat dispositions from the Communications Service.
The loss of life at the sinking of the passenger ships on August 5 and August 17, have to be blamed on the captains of the sunken ships, as the commander took every precaution in both cases, to limit the number of civilian casualties.

Karl Dönitz
Vizeadmiral & B.d.U.



Started new career in August 2019 to commemorate the beginning of WWII, 80 years before ...


Monday, 15 September 1941 - Lorient

Awards & Promotions:

For their valor in battle and the sinking of 4 steamers with the deck gun, the L.I., Ltnt.-Ing. Fritz FRIEDERICHS, the XO, OFähnr.z.S. Udo HARTENSTEIN, the II.W.O., OFähnr.z.S. Jakob APELT, the Quartermaster, OFähnr.z.S. Otto TOTENHAGEN, as well as the 1st and the 3rd Sea Watch, were awarded with the Iron Cross 2nd Class!

From the 1st and 3rd Sea Watch, 4 Seamen 3cl., were promoted to Seaman 2cl.!

The crew is given leave of 1 week in Quiberon, guarding the boat in shifts.

First war patrol with U 113 and 13th war patrol overall completed.


GWX 3.0 Gold/CCoM 10.0 + h.sie-patch; Windows 7 (64-bit); NVIDIA GeForce GTX650 (310.90)
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Currently U-110 a type IXB U-boat is conducting a special operation given by BDU in late April 1940, the mission is to hop between various allied ports and sink any high value targets, large warships or tankers
This is dangerous since the waters are so shallow but worth it in terms of the war effort
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