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gear [WIP] Modding breakthrough - adding ships to UBOAT

Master UBOAT modder Link is getting closer to the holy grail of being able to add fully working ships to UBOAT.

USS Alabama preview video:

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Onkel Neal
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I will look into providing periodic updates on progress as I go.

There are currently around 70 Hulls each with significant amount of work to complete.

My methods usually rely on brute force and persistence, so progress is usually slow, until I make some break through on the 1,000th attempt.

If all goes well, I may be back in a bit to post some more pictures.
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Old 09-22-22, 10:28 AM   #5
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just great!
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Some small updates...

So I have had to spend some time correcting meshes in blender for import into unity. I have a pretty solid pipeline that will get the majority through, with a few remaining which need special touches to import.

All in all 10 of 70 vessels are imported, with the 10 currently present have the basic components (buoyancy, physics, selection, npc ai, etc).

While much of the additional components such as weapons systems and equipment are not added, my intent is to get the fleet of ships in a basic loaded state. Then I will move on to adding all the necessary components to make them act and react like warships.

We (Uboat Modding Group) are constantly exploring how these game components work in unity, and how to properly set them up without the aid of the developers or any documentation.

Much of what has been accomplished is from trial and error, as well as reverse engineering the existing assets in the game.

While this allows us to get the basic entities up and working in the game, there are still significant hurdles to be made in order to fully flesh these ships out.

However, I believe it is going to be the journey that matters in the end, everyone else can enjoy the destination.

More images and videos on my steam page and YouTube channel.
While these are pretty rough cuts/images, they match the current build quality I have in my project. So, as the ships improve, my presentation of them will too.
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Old 10-18-22, 02:20 AM   #7
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These are great work.
If you figure out how to do the weapons fields, please show us how you do it. Ive an ambition to try and mod the weapons fields to make the early destroyer guns less destructive.
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Old 11-03-22, 01:18 PM   #8
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This is exactly what we need its like DOT mod for cold waters id love to sail the Bismark or Grafspee
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Default An Update

At one point I had some pretty significant work done on FX / Weapons . and got ships finally acting like normal.
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