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Icon2 [PORT] SH4 Playable Pacific Fleet Boats (PFB Mod)


Since I'm playing Silent Hunter 4 for quite some time, I wondered how could be the gameplay by using an US Submarine on the Atlantic.

This MOD brings an SH4 immersion to SH3 and this is its main purpose.
Keep in mind that there's no historical references.

The creation of these units, whether it is their design or skin, is not mine as long as @Ubisoft is their former author.
Only the Porting process from Silent Hunter IV to Silent Hunter III does.

Features :

- Original deck guns and flak guns
- Musics imported from Silent Hunter IV, made/released by @Ubisoft (enable/disable)
- Early War and Late War skins (enable/disable)

Playable Units :

IIA = S-18 class Submarine (1939-1943) and S-42 (1944-1945)
IIB = Porpoise class Submarine
VIIB = Salmon class Submarine
VIIC = Sargo class Submarine
IXB = Tambor class Submarine
IXC = Gato class Submarine
IXD2 = Balao class Submarine
XXI = Narwhal class Submarine

Screenchots :

Loading screen

Loading screen mission

S-18 class

Porpoise class (Early War)

Periscope :

Torpedo :

Balao class (Late War)

Deck view

Deck gun view

Flak gun view

Crew management

DOWNLOAD (subsim)

DOWNLOAD (mediafire)
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Old 07-22-2021, 04:41 PM   #2
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Will give it a go.

Good hunting,
Good judgment comes from experience. Unfortunately, the experience usually comes from bad judgment.

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Old 07-22-2021, 08:04 PM   #3
Mad Mardigan
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Originally Posted by FUBAR295 View Post

Will give it a go.

Good hunting,
I am too, finding this interesting. Have d/l'ed it & will give it a go, as well.

M. M.

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