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Default @ Eddie, Re: SBP scenario regions

Originally Posted by eddie
I know, just making a little comparison on how far graphics have come,lol Have been reading all the indepth reviews of SBP, and with its size of nearly 2 GB installed, I've yet to see a definitive description of what areas of the world this sim will show?
I have currently 56 digital maps of regions in my folder, and know that at least 27 more are around, but maybe with restricted access due to demands of military customers. These areas can be of extremely huge sizes (several dozens x several dozens kilometers) and thus can host many different playing areas, which for the Personal Edition need to be limited to smaller sizes, I forgot the exact value, but I think it was something like 30x30 km. Note that you can edit the textures and season themes of regions, but not alter the 3D-modelling of the height maps. the areas covered feature various Forts in the US including the NTC, areas in central and scandinavian Europe, Middle East, Northafrica, Asia, Australia.

It is very different than the playing maps in other sims use to be. Also, the focus of the sim is such that you will not care if you have 10, 20 or 50 regions from which to define your maps: it simply does not matter. You'll be busy with other things.

I have a printed list with regional maps available, but I can't find the file anymore. I see if I spend the time to scan it and post it.
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