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Default Steel Beasts Pro 4.0 - Resources

status of this info: 22-DEC-2017

actual SBP software version is 4.023 (22nd Decembre 2017)
actual dongle firmware version is 1.18 (first batch dongles) and 2.02 (newer dongles) (2014)
actual Codemeter Runtime environment version is 6.50c (Decembre 2017)

To order SBP, go here:

To upgrade the Codemeter dongle Runtime Environment software, go here:

To upgrade the firmware on the stick: right-click the Codemeter tray icon in the right down corner of the desktop (with the stick plugged in). The opening control center offers an option for automatic firmware updating. Leave the dongle plugged in until the procedure has been finished.

Originally Posted by Product description by eSim 2006:
"Steel Beasts" is a virtual simulation of combined arms combat tactics ranging from the individual crew position up to battalion level. The prime focus of Steel Beasts is tactical training at company team level for armored and mechanized units. In addition, the classroom version supports basic and advanced gunnery training for [various versions of] the main battle tanks Leopard 1 [Danish and Australian versions], Leopard 2 [Danish, Swedish and Spanish versions], M1A1 "Abrams", and the M2/M3A2 "Bradley" infantry fighting vehicle [and the CV-90xx range of IFVs as well as the Pizarro]. Also artillery observer / indirect fire direction training is offered. "Steel Beasts" is being used by US Military Academy at West Point, and the armies of Australia, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, Sweden, and the Canadian air force.
Originally Posted by Product description by eSim 2016:
Steel Beasts Professional is a vehicle-centric virtual and constructive simulation for the Windows™ PC platform.
It covers the part task training spectrum for
  • Individual crew station (commander, gunner)
  • Crew procedure training (commander, driver, gunner, loader, mech squad leader)
  • Platoon level combat technique/battle drill rehearsal
  • Company level combined arms tactical training
  • Battalion level combined arms tactical training (and small operations command post exercises)
  • Brigade level tactical exercises without troops
An elevated level of fidelity is modeled in direct fire exterior and terminal ballistics, fire control systems and related crew procedures as well as the relationship between complementary elements of combatants in the tactical spectrum. Steel Beasts Professional can handle up to twelve sides per scenario including neutral forces, noncombatants/civilian population, enemy factions, and a dynamic change of attitudes/allegiance. The software is delivered with integrated editors for terrain and scenarios, and is suitable for both individual and collective education and training in a networked environment.
The simulation can be integrated with battlefield management systems (to stimulate them with a dynamic tactical environment), with other simulations (via HLA/DIS gateway, or by custom gateways like WISE Connectivity), with traditional containerized crew trainer cabins, or appended to actual combat vehicles. This way Steel Beasts Professional offers our customers a very high degree of flexibility in its use, and its integration into the training continuum. A possible additional benefit is that soldiers throughout their career will be using the same simulation at different stages, but in a different context – without having to adapt to a new simulation system (where the “natural” user interface like control handles and control panels cannot be provided).
Scenarios developed with Steel Beasts offer the instructor a high degree of control while maintaining a relatively simple and intuitive user interface. Existing electronic terrain databases can be imported via DTED and Shape™ files.

Regarding System Specs for version 4.x - IMPORTANT! -

Developer's Main Page:

Instead of a demo, there is the possibility to try a Guest Licence. Start here:

Since release of SBP 3.0, time-limited licenses are being sold as well, for example 1-month, 3-months and 1-year licenses.

Prices are 125$ for an all new full version of 4.0 (August 2016), 80 $ for upgrading from SBP 2.5xx, 40$ for upgrading from SBP older than 2.5xx, 25$ for a secondary license, and da iscounted price model for time-limited licenses, starting with 10$ for a single month, 25$ for 3 months, and 40$ for 1 year.

Time limited licenses are serving the purpose of a demo.

Replacement discs (without dongle) seem to be discontinued, and can no longer be ordered. All game files can be downloaded at any time, for all versions.

Manual as spiral book is available for 16$. A pdf however is included in all software installations.

Or order via German reseller:
(more expensive than directly ordering from eSim, but might be your only chance in Germany if you do not want to pay by credit card)

You need to have a dongle from an earlier version you own in order to run any upgrade over an earlier version you own. The upgrade is a completely new installation, it is NOT added to an existing old installation. Currently the price for upügrading to 3.0 is 40 US$. That is for a download of the new software, and getting access to a new licence put on your already existing dongle. You can download the simulation software alone, but without an new-licensed dongle it will not work.

The SBP Wiki:




Tanksim's Video-Thread -
beware, it's old videos of now obsolete versions of SBP, but still show some dramatic action :

A three-part movie doing an exhibition of all included vehicles and their cockpits (SBP version 2.640):

This is a great opportunity to get an impressionof what the vehicles look like from inside and outside, without needing to own the sim.


VARIOUS TEXT STUFF - reviews, articles, essays... :

File path structure (needed for knowing where to drop additional maps and mods):

The sim ships with the following height maps (some of them still wait for terrain texturing):

A Flightsimmer's guide to Steel Beasts (2006):

SimHQ special essay due to SBP's 10th birthday on 21st August, 2010:

Skybird's Interview on SBP's background with technical director of eSim, "Ssnake" (first release of SBP-PE, April 2006): ("Listening to the Voice of Steel Beasts, hssss!")

Multiple articles-series at simHQ ("Steel Beasts week")
compact review:
about the developement of the MBTs:

Review at Armchair General (SBP-PE original release April 2006)

Another Interview in "The Escapist":

New downloadable scenarios, maps, skins, sounds for SBP-PE:

Steel Beasts Main Site and Forums:

And for the purists: original industry-standard replica of gunners' handles. Beware, these things are extremely expensive, and not meant for the toy-market. The customer usually is the military.

Originally Posted by VEHICLE LIST v4.0"

44 tanks
46 personell carriers and IFVs
16 trucks
14 artillery
16 technicals and civilian vehicles
25 "other" armoured and figthing support vehicles
9 engineer vehicles (repair, mine sweeper, bridge layer)
11 base units of infantry and fireteams
dozens and dozens of individually designed civilian pedestrians

Helicopters and air defence units are not shown in this list, but there should be around 8-10 different choppers, both gunships and transport, and one or two Flak-Panzer.

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have a few screens here
Not as good as the once you have... they rocked :-D
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Damn Skybird, those are nice wintery pics.....especially the winter lighting looks real.....Great job..
Daddy cool
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Combined arms

Arty call

Just another day at the office....

Do I love this sim? You bet i do!
Daddy cool
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Default pics

It happens...

Last thing I saw...

Leopard 2 in turret-down position... he sees you with PERI, but what can you do?

Held der Arbeit

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Originally Posted by Skybird
where did you find those skins?
They haven't been released yet. They were made for a mission I've been working on. He is going to release them I believe this week including versions for a darker woodland area like for use in the vietnam maps and he also has winter scheme versions. I'll post some screenshots in a bit.

I'm also releasing the mission that these were made for at the end of this week.
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A few screens from the night mission map of the Steel Fury demo.


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Nice report.
Putting Germ back into Germany.
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Only just getting to grips with iut.Some shots from the Leopard Recon mission.

GWX 3.0 GOLD,SH3 Commander.
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it indeed looks very nice

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Ok I will add a few, just to prove that i do own SBPro Pe This is vanilla, no mods. Just everything cranked up 1600x 1200 and all visual distances for ground and objects to 100%. This sim is amazing and the graphics is very good. i have never seen a landscape done this good with not to fancy graphics engine. Colors, contours etc feels very real. And then we haven't even started to talk about the tank simulation...

a bit nervous with all this fog...

got ya!

yep, better run... Leo on the horizon.. spot it

birds view with leo and it's prey in distance
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Either I need to get new video drivers, or this sim needs some serious texture upgrades!:rotfl:

Seriously though, have been checking SBP over, and looks like I might be close to ordering it! Have to say "M1 Tank Platoon II" is getting a little long in the tooth!!!
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I know, just making a little comparison on how far graphics have come,lol Have been reading all the indepth reviews of SBP, and with its size of nearly 2 GB installed, I've yet to see a definitive description of what areas of the world this sim will show?
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Gary Owen
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The following is a link to a document listing the height maps that ship with the game:
SB Maps

The height maps are just the elevation or relief data for that area. There is a map editor with which a wide variety of themed (woodland winter or Australian, e.g.) vegetation can be painted onto the relief data to create a terrain map. A good number of terrain maps are included as well. While the terrain maps can be altered, changed, or improved in the editor, the height maps cannot. There are, however, a small number of maps floating about that are not part of the initial release.

Given the variety of height maps, the versatility of the map editor, the number of themes, and sufficient time, any non-urban area (there are very few man-made objects available in the editor), except maybe the polar ice caps, could be simulated.

1st US Volunteer Cav

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