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Default My Hello to everyone, my short (or not so) story and my little quest

It took several weeks to grab my thoughs and will to write this message, as Onkel Neal suggested in his welcome message. So put your headphones on and prepare to receive my non-Morse non-encrypted message.

Once upon a time, two years ago or so, I woke up in the morning after a restless dream. I did not forget instantly the dream, like it usually or sometimes happens, and I analyzed the things I've been doing and the pictures I've been seeing in that dream.
Yes, that was torpedoing, submarine interior roaming and a lot of sea views. It happened to me to play a subsim game many years ago, somewhere between 2003-2006 as I feel it, and I clearly remember title "Silent Hunter 4" or "Silent Hunters 4".
"Well, this is not a game I would like to play again", I thougt and threw all this mess out of my head.
Weeks went by, I felt I return to this dream and to the title too frequently. One time, I decided to check what new titles in this series there are, a lot of years passed since my experience in part 4 anyway.
And I revealed "Silent Hunter 5" title, of course. After watching a bunch of videos about the game, I decided to install and try it with a Magui-based modpack and then TWoS modpack. This is how I found the I never played vanilla SH5, to be honest.

That was virtually immersive, you may interpret any sense of these words, and I revealed the other titles -- UBOAT, Cold Waters... and Silent Hunter 4! At the moment, I tried and have all the mentioned games. SH4 with TMO modpack only, again, I never played vanilla version of the game. And this is how I joined the a month or so back -- I had to register to be able to download the TMO modpack.

If you are an observant reader, you have to ask me "How come you just discovered SH4, if it is your very first experience in subsim?"
Well, this is the second part of my story and the quest I propose to skippers in one bottle.

Human memory is a weird and mysterious thing, the whole this story is a good demonstration of inexplicable phantoms your mind is able to generate.
Exploring other subsim games I realized there is no "Silent Hunter 4" other than the "Wolves of the Pacific" and the "Uboat missions expansion" titles. It's ridiculous and physically cannot be truth that I played exactly Silent Hunter 4 so many years ago. In general, I was impressed by the game -- let's refer it the "X-game" -- its deep level of simulation and authentic interior look of U-boot made me highly positive on the X-game, despite I played it just one day and found it too difficult to me. The X-game was not SH4 for sure, and it was not SH3 or any other game of this series. Let me explain why it is so.
I clearly remember the following facts, which I'd like to share with you skippers, and which I'd like you to use for recognition what the X-game actually is. The facts are:
  • First of all, I did not apply any mod to vanilla game out of box, game modding itself was something unknown to me that days.
  • There were beautiful modern graphics, the game seemed like a fresh just published game. Not a DOS game or so.
  • It was definitely an U-boat, and player was supposed to fight for Grosse Faterland as a Kriegsmarine unit.
  • All the U-boat interior was in german. Dieselmotoren/Elektromotoren switch, Batterieladung, Tiefenmesser and other labels were remembered well. Pop-up tips, UI elements, menus etc all were in English, i.e. I played English localization of the game.
  • There were no crewmembers drawn, like I was in a museum alone.
  • I was able to roam the interior freely, it was more like a free camera for interior only than 1st person roaming (i.e. no step sounds, camera shaking and so on).
  • Teleportation from station to station was available. I did not use it much though, chasing a bit more realism.
  • I believe, there was external camera as well, which I did not use the same way. I just can't recall views of external camera. By meantime, I was hitting around F4-F5-F6-F7 keys to get torpedo view camera trying to realize why I can't hit anyone.
  • I started new campaign close to the WWII beginning (1939), and my first mission was an ambush to a polish convoy. I can't replicate the exact briefing text now, of course, but it was saying something similar to the following:
"According to recon data, Polish convoy shall cross the designated area <day/month/year>. It is heading to England. Polish fleet is tiny and weak, but we cannot let it to join and enforce the powerful British fleet. Your task is move to the area, patrol it, intercept the convoy and sink it."
  • I headed my U-boat to the area using global map, I used the time compressing (up to 2048x or so, coefficient was big), and I finally spotted the convoy after 1-2 days of lying in ambush, primarily underwater.
  • During the combat, I was running between stations from stern to conning tower, back and forth, I did not manage to hit any of polish vessels and ended up noticed at periscope depth and shot down with guns.
  • I can't recall a view of TDC station. It seems like it left out of my awareness, and this could explain why I had no clue on how to hit those vessels.
In other words, the X-game was much more like modern Wolfpack subsim rather than any of Silent Hunters. U-boat was completely fitted with all stations, each one is capable to interact directly.

I still don't want to play it again, but this mystery makes me insane.

So, what is the real title of the X-game? What do you think, dear skippers?
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Default Welcome aboard!

sun_alf! great first post!

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Welcome Aboard
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Oh my God, not again!!

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Welcome Aboard!

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Welcome aboard!

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Welcome to SUBSIM

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Thanks, mates!
Any guess on the X-game?
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