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Old 07-12-22, 11:15 PM   #1
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Default Ahoy Mates

I just joined SubSim again after being away for years. I am the son of a WWII USN veteran, and my uncle was in the USN submarine service for 20 years (first diesels and then SSBNs) before then serving another 20 years at Portsmouth Navy Base working on SSNs and SSBNs. So, at a young age I was introduced to the Navy and to submarines and have been interested in them ever since.

I have enjoyed submarine simulations and have played several including SH, SHII, SH4 and modified SH4 with both OMEGU and TMO.

I like immersion and making the game play historically accurate and realistic. I just downloaded SH4 (could not locate my old DVD). Looking to get started. I am not afraid to study and learn how to play in realistic mode so I am wondering what mods should I go after now? TMO v2.5 or Fall Of The Rising Sun Ultimate for pacific? Dark Waters for ATO?

Thanks for the warm welcome and for providing the opportunity to be part of the crew.
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Gefallen Engel U-666
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Default Welcome aboard!


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Welcome Back Aboard!

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Old 07-13-22, 08:35 AM   #4
Onkel Neal
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Glad you're back, welcome.
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Welcome Aboard
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Oh my God, not again!!

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Old 07-14-22, 11:29 AM   #6
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Thank you all for the warm welcome.

I wish I had programming skills that would allow me to help with the mods but unfortunately I have no training in that area.

I have decided for my reentry into sub sims I would start with SH4 and mod it to FotRSU. I felt I was doing really well last night as I got SH4 installed away from the program folders, installed JSGME and unzipped FotRSU into the mod folder. Activated the mod in JSGME but somehow it seemed like it didn't launch a modified version of the stock game. Need to troubleshoot that. I can't wait to get back up to speed on manual targeting and get a training run underway.

Thanks again!
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Old 07-14-22, 06:03 PM   #7
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Welcome aboard!

If you have a Facebook account, you can join us


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Welcome to SUBSIM

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