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Icon7 Where to get V1.5

Gday all, thanks for putting a great resource together.Wondering if there is still anywhere to DL 1.5? All the links I have searched and used through the forums appear to be dead. I'm at V1.3 from Steam, who incidentally don't seem to carry the DL no either.

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Ahah, I did actually find it on Steam. But only by finding the SH package, which then led me to the UBM pack for $10. It wouldn't come up on a stand alone search for SH4.
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A Warm Welcome To The Subsim Community > Tasadin
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The v1.5 download version is known as the "Gold Edition". Other downloads typically v1.4 need an additional download known as the "U-Boat Missions which patches the game to v1.5
DVD Gold Editions can be found on places like Ebay and are compatible as a second hand purchase although can be expensive.
When purchasing a download make sure it is v1.5 otherwise you could end up having to make two purchases.
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I'd say get it from steam or amazon i trust the 2 platforms.
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As this thread is still somewhat new I'll contribute wherre I found the "Gold" package:

I'm using Win 10 and wanted to start playing SH4 again. Had a lot of trouble locating SH4 "Gold Edition" with the U-Boat addition (which, I believe, also includes the v1.5 patch). Amazon did not have stock and Ubisoft was no help either. I eventually discovered the following site which passed my safety checks and appears legit:

Farther down in the SH4 forum you will find my posting that has complete details on installation and avoiding some potential problems.

Best wishes,
Cpt. Hazelwood
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