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Default Coming back to DW after a few years


I want to play DW again after quite a few years break and I have a few of questions.

1) Can this be easily made to work on Windows 10 / Nvidia Graphics card? I've seen some reports of it not working and others that it's easily fixable? Does this apply to the steam version as I can't find my install disks so I'll probably have to buy it again on Steam.

2) What are the recommended / best mods to install for maximum realism.

3) What about this new sim Cold Waters? From a perspective of doing Submarine missions, is it like DW or less realistic and if so what are the biggest differences?
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Yes it works fine with windows 10 and nvidia. You will need a dll-file to put in the main DW folder.
Steam version works.
The best mod is probably Reinforce Alert DWX 1.48
The file you need to run DW in windows 10 is includeed in the DWX mod.
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Default Welcome back!

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