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Old 04-10-2019, 09:33 PM   #16
The Old Man
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I just want to be able to play a Silent Hunter style career with a friend or two on my uboat. Attacking randomly generated convoys will get old.

call me crazy.

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Neptune's daughter
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Originally Posted by gutted View Post
I just want to be able to play a Silent Hunter style career with a friend or two on my uboat. Attacking randomly generated convoys will get old.

call me crazy.
You're not crazy, but that's not what this game was conceived to be; what you're talking about is another game that hasn't yet been made.

Don't forget, this is first release of Alpha and more missions and more content will be in the game when it's officially released.

I just spent 3hrs in a game I never intended to be awake for, playing catchup behind a convoy. IMO having a cheat of time compression would have ruined the experience. The challenge was to get into position without being seen given our (random) really bad starting position.

I also wouldn't have enjoyed (and never have) leaving port and spending 15 mins at 4096x speed trying to get into the Atlantic only to have the dumb AI crash into an island not visible unless really zoomed in, or just sit there until I could get to the grid I needed to be at before I could start my search. Horses for courses. Never asked Ubi to change it for me though. Of course, Ubi barely bothered to support the games post-release but that's another matter.

My point, in this entire thread, is that what a minority of people want is a game that this was never intended to be.

Might it change to it? I doubt it, and I hope it doesn't, but that's going to be year(s) in the future to find out. Right now, they have a roadmap, and funding to get that stuff done.

With the amazing job they have done, I say, other than asking questions about what we have (as I did with the torp settings and magnetic torps) and making bug reports, let's just let them get on with delivering *their vision, for their game* before asking for a completely different one.

Who knows, maybe Uboat will add co-op and then everyone will be happy? No?
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Old 04-11-2019, 08:24 AM   #18
Anton Kant
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(could be out of date)

The plan is to complete the game with a skirmish mode that will generate random convoys and ships, and a historical campaign that will take the crew through the entire Battle of the Atlantic and let them experience all the iconic U-boat battles and missions, such as Scapa Flow, passing through Gilbraltar, Operation Drumbeat, massive convoy battles, and more. Then, it's on to player vs player....
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