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Default 3D Lights Redux, anyone?

Does anyone have experience with using Shockwave's 3D Lights Redux package for FS9/FSX?

I would like to know if additional third-party aircraft that are not included in the list of config-changes for third party planes could be added manually nevertheless, and what you think it looks like (regarding the too bright default landing lights in FS9 that outshine any detail and taxiing lines on the tarmac).

The Level-D B767 and PMDG B747 that I use they already have included in that database, however the Flight-1 ATR72 and the RealAir SF260 are missing. These four planes I use almost exclusively in FS9.

I have tried two different freeware packages to adress the too bright landing lights, but I am not really convinced by any of them. Plus the lights modelling in FS isn't that great anyway.
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