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Old 11-09-2008, 10:18 AM   #1
Onkel Neal
Born to Run Silent
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Mystery Subsim #20

Here is the initial shot of Mystery Subsim #20

If you guess, and you are wrong, then you have only two wrong guesses left in the whole contest before your participation ends, so guess wisely (if you are really sure). If you don't know, don't waste a guess! You can only guess incorrectly three times in the contest.

You cannot EDIT your post in this contest. An edited or deleted post counts as a guess.

Remember the rules!!

If no one tries to guess this shot, or no one guesses correctly, there will be an expanded shot to follow.

Good hunting!
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The Old Man
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Command: Aces of the Deep.
My reviews

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Old 11-09-2008, 12:58 PM   #3
Onkel Neal
Born to Run Silent
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Originally Posted by Subnuts
Command: Aces of the Deep.
Our first Ace! Command Aces of the Deep it is.

The premiere subsim of the '90s, from the review:

First released as a DOS game in 1993, Aces of the Deep quickly established itself as my favorite subsim. AOD was upgraded and improved in 1995, released as Command Aces of the Deep. It is intended as a historically accurate WWII U-boat simulation, with very little left out. Where many sims have one foot in the game category, Command Aces is pure sim. The three mission formats, single, historical, or the challenging career mode are present. You can start off at the outset of the war and you'll be assigned a Type II boat with meager capabilities and range and only two forward tubes (six torpedoes). But the escorts are none too intimidating at this point, so your deficiencies are nicely balanced. From September 1939 until well into the early forties you'll encounter many lone merchants--easy pickings! But in perfect accordance with historical precepts, from 1943 on the going gets tough and the convoys are well escorted by destroyers and corvettes with radar. In May 1943 you will be besieged by radio messages from fellow U-boats telling of attacks by aircraft and destroyers (Attacked by aircraft. . . sinking. . . U-344), and you get the sense that now the hunters have become the hunted.
Well, I see Mystery Subsim #21 easing into the water... should be appearing in a few hours...

good luck!


Mystery Subsim winners
The following people have won a Mystery Subsim challenge and have had their name added to the prize pool.

11/1 MS#1 - Mikekiller16 - Sub Battle
11/1 MS#2 - Fincuan - Wolfpack
11/1 MS#3 - Nisgeis - 688 Attack Sub
11/1 MS#4 - Mookie - Silent Service II
11/2 MS#5 - Contact - Steel Tide
11/2 MS#6 - To be - Destroyer Command
11/3 MS#7 - Fincuan - Enigma: Rising Tide
11/3 MS#8 - Molon Labe - Sub Command
11/4 MS#9 - Subnuts - Grey Wolf: Hunter of the North Atlantic
11/4 MS#10 - Subnuts - Iron Wolves
11/5 MS#11 - Danlissa - Navy Ops Warship Gunner
11/5 MS#12 - Fincuan - Silent Hunter II
11/6 MS#13 - gandalf71 - Pacific Aces
11/6 MS#14 -gandalf71 - Fighting Steel
11/6 MS#15 - SandyCaesar - Ship Hunt
11/7 MS#16 - Fincuan - Lost Admiral Returns
11/7 MS#17 - Subnuts - Danger from the Deep
11/8 MS#18 - D'biter - Tom Clancy's SSN
11/8 MS#19 - Subnuts - Salvo!
11/9 MS#20 - Subnuts - Command Aces of the Deep

Wrong Guess Count
Herr_Pete - 1
Phoenix3000 - 1
Fincuan - 1
Mikekiller16 - 2 (one more wrong guess and you're out)
Captain Vlad - 2 (one more wrong guess and you're out)
Graf Paper - 1
Molon Labe - 2 (one more wrong guess and you're out)
TLAM Strike - 1
SteamWake - 1
Raptor1 - 2 (one more wrong guess and you're out)
SteveW1 - 2 (one more wrong guess and you're out)
gandalf71 - 1
kiwi_2005 - 2 (one more wrong guess and you're out)
Rhodes - 1
nikimcbee - 1
robbierob2005 - 1
danlisa - 1
XabbaRus - 1


A reel shocker:

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Old 11-09-2008, 08:58 PM   #4
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I should of got this one. I spent more time with CAOD than any other sim!

Btw, why isn't your screenshot all pink and nutty looking? Are you actually running 256 color mode?

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Old 11-09-2008, 09:10 PM   #5
Eternal Patrol
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At least it wasn't a blue thingy again . :p :rotfl:

I Play GWX. Silent Hunter Who ???
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