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gear Safe CO2 Levels

What is a safe level for CO2 in the boat before I have to surface?
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Don't know what the percentage level or hours remaining are but I have seldom run into a problem.

After a fairly long time underwater, the CO2 icon displays in the upper RH corner of the screen and the CO2 indicator bar on the lower bar begins to register...

After the first indication on the bar I have enough time to conduct an attack and sneak away

When the level gets close to the limit, a text warning shows, and surfacing becomes a priority.
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Exclamation Bug with CO2 still there?

I just read a fix for the old bug where the CO2 still climbs when surfaced. Save game and reload fixes that. But is there a big and is there a mod that fixes it?
Running SH4 v1.5
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No way to fix it. It is technically not a "bug" per se with the game. The game was written in the Windows XP days, and you did not shell-out to Windows and "lose" the audio and / or video "stream" the way you do with Windows Vista and all later versions. It has to do with Windows handling programs and resources as "virtual", and assigns "addresses" for the system resources to the programs, such as the video card and sound card, but Windows still retains control of the devices. In Windows XP, those "addresses" were static and did not change.

In Vista and later, if you "shell-out" from the game to your Windows desktop, the OS might assign a different "address" for the resources that the game is using. Newer games "refresh" their "addresses", whereas the older programs don't. The game still expects to find the sound card and the video card where they were, as well as its temporary address space, but they might have been "moved" and now has a new "address". When that happens, you end up with strange game behavior, the most common being the CO2 level sticking, as well as audio looping and other anomalies. The only "fix" is to not shell out to Windows by use of the <Alt><Tab>, or <Ctrl><Tab> or <Windows> key combinations. If you need to go to Windows, save and exit the game, then use Windows...

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