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Default Request: map parallel line (with suggested solution)

After I first played Wolfpack and tried out the map tools I noticed that we didn't have a proper way to draw parallel lines. Yes, we can draw lines in a direction roughly along a mark on the protractor wheel. But that depends on dexterity, screen resolution and the Mk1 Eyeball to get it in the exact direction. But this is not consistently repeatable. We can also draw a line from a point and enter the length and direction to integer degrees with number and Enter keys. But that does not allow true geometrical precision in a drawing. Fractional bearings will be truncated leading to ultimately distortions in the drawing.

Since we do have the ability to align the protractor wheel to a specific direction I wish to suggest to the developers to make a slight change to how the numerical entry method is implemented. The protractor is currently only a visual aid for non-North referenced directions. And currently key-entered numbers are always drawn in reference to north. Irrespective of the protractor tool being selected or set to a specific direction.

My solution:
Can you make the numerical entry of directions for lines (and circle radii) be relative to the set protractor direction instead? This allows the following:
First we place 2 cross marks at arbitrary places on the map and turn snap-lock on. Next we align the protractor wheel between these two cross points. As we can then enter a direction as 360 degrees to come full circle we would then have the ability to repeatedly draw lines in exactly repeatable orientations, as given by the reference points.

(probing endpoint locations of a line to make the midpoint fall on another line, as done in the 3-bearing-course solution in the map, will then not be necessary)

People will still be able to draw lines in reference to absolute north with numerical entry if they first reset the protractor to north. I see no reason why functionality will become limited by this change of directional point. But if you think it does, please consider enabling the above based on a modifier key like Alt.

And a further minor request: Please add the angle value along circle radii when the 'show Angle' switch is active, just like with lines. Currently we see no protractor wheel when dragging the radius. And so we need to first create a helping line in a desired direction before overwriting it with the circle. And we are subsequently not able to remove the helping line without also removing the circle because it overlaps. Another solution would be to place a cross-mark at the end of the helping line before removing the line and drawing the circle. As you can imagine keeping a map drawing clear and clean like this becomes very cumbersome. It seems like a little thing to change with usability to gain.
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I agree that being able to draw parallel lines should be as easy as in real life.

Click a line, click a point and a // is drawn.

And I think we should be able to mark our position exactly at any zoom.
Just a mark position button that makes a mark on top of the sub known position on the map.

Because, zooming at max, marking, clicking that mark with a line then unzoom to draw your line feels unatural and is ...

The map tools are actually better than in any game I played but I think you could make it even more awesome :-)

It's harder to draw with a mouse than with our hands. You should try to make it easier or at least same difficulty^^

Thanks for the game anyway it's awesome :-)
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