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Default Overcast

0400 hours, overcast with choppy seas...we're making turns for flank speed on an intercept course with a warship convey...a battleship and carrier are being escorted by...2 or 3 destroyers and a light cruiser...14,000 yds.
When my timetraveling is reduced to 4 we go to pd and decide the attacking light cruiser wants to be our first kill. Two fish bring her to a halt at 600 yards so we turn to the approaching destroyer. First fish is a miss...went deep before seeing the second...
After dancing with her for awhile we come back up for a peek and see we're now in range of the big girls. In haste we fire 4 fish at the carrier and 2 at the both a limp.
Aircraft carriers make awesome submarine umbrellas... We stay deep and silent under the carrier for a bit as her remaining escorts waste depth charges. At dawn we take another peek...
They're gone...I fell asleep.

Love this game.
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Love your battle report!

SILENT DEPTH the submarine simulation for your mobile device

Silent Depth Manual
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