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Lucky Jack
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Originally Posted by Schroeder View Post
A guy I know said that Loft exploded after some idiots had sent death threats to his private home because they didn't develop the sim in the directions those idiots wanted. I don't know how true that is as I don't follow that game or their forum but if it's true I can somehow understand his reaction.
Oh, I can understand it too, but as anyone who has been bullied at school should know, in a situation like that you do not react publically, because it just gives the idiots more ammunition. You go through the proper channels, in Lofts case the police (although Russian police...he'd probably have more luck going after them himself) or through the public response section of 777/1C, after all, that's why you have a dedicated department to deal with the public, or at least you should have. So people with calmer minds can phrase things in a way to cause minimal damage to the company.
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