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Default Dangerous Waters stock-scenario question

I am playing the 3rd scenario (stock game) "Barents sea loiter" and I am not getting a target classification on any contacts. I am uncertain why this is, even with the game's crew (all) switched on there are still no targets able to be fired upon. Any ideas?
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No targets whatsoever or no targets to be fired upon? If you're only just barely detecting them, then you're not close enough to get a classification. If you're not seeing them, they're there, you just have to get closer.
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There are contacts but no classifications. I thought about doing a speed run to get closer to the contacts. We are both thinking the same thing, it is a issue of range to contact, I bet that's it. I will give that a try, thanks for the reply.

Great work on your YouTube stuff BTW, your videos are very informative.
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Default Welcome aboard!

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With closer range you should get more higher frequencies. Or the higher frequencies of the bow array become easier to detect. Also the active sonar frequency can sometimes help with identification. Though one needs to have a table/frequency list as I don't think it is in USNI.
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