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TMO 2.5 w custom mods.
100 realism cams on contacts off.

USS Baya SS-318
Fourth War Patrol
7 December 1944-14 January 1945
Area B4 and B5 - South China Sea
Departed with 68 Officers and Men aboard.
18 Mark 18 torpedoes
6 Mark 14 torpedoes
300 rounds 5 inch ammunition.
2000 rounds 40 MM ammunition.
2000 rounds 20 MM ammunition.

Departed Fremantle 7 December and conducted gunnery drills en route to Exmouth Gulf. Arrived off entrance to Gulf on 9 December but stormy conditions delayed entrance by twenty four hours until cleared. Refuel and departed for patrol area via Lombok Strait.

Night of 12 January transited Lombok Strait. No patrol craft encountered, one SD contact emitting radar was detected but did not come within 7 NM of Baya. Exited strait and headed for patrol area via Sibutu Pass. Sulu Sea/ Mindoro Strait due to intelligence of recent mining efforts of Balabac Strait by Japanese.

Detected Allied landing forces off Mindoro at Mangarin Bay on 14 December.

Arrived in patrol area after midnight on 17 December. Anticipated few contacts as Japanese convoy routes had shift closer to Indochina and China coast but remained vigilant. However, only contacts have from arrival in patrol area for next nine days were the occasional patrol aircraft for which Baya submerged to remain undetected.

An enemy heavy cruiser with a destroyer escorting was reported 100 NM NW of Baya on 23 December, attempted to intercept but unable to establish contact. Resumed patrol.

25 December 2301: SJ contact Bearing 093 12 NM. Position: 13 10 N 113 40 E.

Immediately began closing at full speed. As it became apparent by changing bearing this group of ships were moving at high speed, increased to flank speed and slowly began to gain proper position. PPI showed a single column of five contacts flanked by four contacts presumed to be escorts. Radar emissions were coming from multiple vessels. Given the speed and radar emissions, presumed these to be warships, perhaps an enemy task force.

2341:Went to General Quarters. Given the radar emissions and full moon, opted for a submerged torpedo attack. Needing extra speed, Baya was pushed on overload and made 22 knots, enough to pull ahead of the group's estimated 19.5-20 knots.

26 December-

0203- Submerged for attack. Conned boat inside the screen to fire at main body from 1000 yards. In the dark but moonlight night, observed A DD leading a Myoko Class Heavy Cruiser and an unknown Light Cruiser. Readied all Mark 18 's in tubes 1-6 and had stern tubes readied as well.

0221: Fired six Mark 18 torpedoes. Range: 1000 yards AOB: 70 Target speed: 20.5 knots Point(s) of AIM: three to middle of target, two forward, one aft. Torpedo Depth:10 feet.

0222: All six torpedoes impacted at roughly points of aim. Third hit amidships caused a large explosion, likely the ships engines as she seemed to slow rapidly as other torpedoes hit.

0224: The CA was left adrift and burning from bow to stern. The light CL beyond her spotted Baya's scope as she had turned at high speed upon impact and was now just 300 yards away with her Spotlight was on Baya and firing at her periscope scope.

0225 With destroyers pinging and rushing in as well as risk of ramming by the CL, Ordered Baya to 450 feet, rigged for Silent Running and Depth Charge. Two SBT decoys were dropped during the descent. Passed thermal layer at 274 feet.

0228: As Baya passed 378 feet first destroyer made a depth charge run. As roared overhead ordered flank speed with ten degrees left rudder and one more decoy released.

Other destroyers were heard dropping charges some distance away, likely having detected the previously released decoys. However, the destroyer focused on us was first team and did not take the bait as made three successive runs on Baya. While no serious damage was suffered, the boat was shaken by charges on each run as the destroyer seemed to find Baya's depth.

At 0241 as destroyer made another run after four minutes of pinging, as destroyer stopping just before passing overhead to drop, ordered ahead flank, hard port rudder, and depth of 575 feet. Deployed decoy at 500 feet
and leveled boat off at 575 feet.

The destroyer seemed to lose contact and dropped charges some distance off , believe on the last decoy released. As Baya began to slip away, another DD rushed into the scene and began pinging. After ten minutes of pinging Baya and stopped, attacking something else, seemed to regain contact on Baya as rushed in, ordered ahead flank hard starboard turn and took the boat to 600 feet.The destroyer seemed to lose contact as made no more close runs on Baya.

0253 sounds of the cruiser sinking and breaking up were heard, confirming the sinking of the Myoko Class CA.

0304 sonar reported warships leaving area at very high speed. In case of "sleepers", Baya remained submerged for next hour. While ideally would have stayed down longer, wanted to utilize remaining night to pull ahead for a dawn follow up attack if possible.

0400- Slowly began ascent to periscope depth. At scope depth and then radar depth, area was clear.

0415- Surfaced and set course to 090 at flank seed. As departed area, checked the estimated position of the Myoko's sinking. debris, oil slick, and floatsam were discovered further confirming the sinking.

0430 Secured from General Quarters and continued pursuit for end around.

0521 SJ detected the task force making estimated 16 knots. Went back to GQ and commenced end around passing tf at 5 NM, at times having to move further away due to marauding escort on starboard flank,

0601: Ahead of convoy with Mark 14's in forward tubes, rushed in on surface. Sky was lighter but still dark enough fire high speed surface run before diving in order to fire from close range.

0618 Baya was 5000 yards off track and 9000 yards from target.Now had visual on the CL now identified as an Oyodo Class Light Cruiser. As was preparing to dive, radar detected the starboard flank and lead destroyers moving toward Baya while rest of group turned to NE. Unlikely Baya was visually spotted in the dark, enemy radar must have detected her. Turned away at high speed but enemy destroyers with their obvious speed advantage were closing in. One in particular was running right down Baya's track. Prepared for down the throat shot with Mark 18's in stern tubes but when target was at 4800 yards began zigging making the success of a long range bow shot unlikely. Anticipating would be illuminated fired upon any second, ordered a dive.

Once submerged, ordered decoy dropped at 150 feet and began a slow turn to port . Took Baya to 600 feet. While pinging did contact Baya, the destroyer never gained a lock and no depth charges were close After thirty minutes they left the area

0705 After remaining submerged in case of sleepers, Baya was back at scope depth with no enemy contacts in sight. No radar contacts either. Surfaced but had to submerged again due to aircraft in area.

Finally at 0830 surfaced.With crew fatigue setting in, batteries needing to be charged, and chances of regaining contact low, broke off pursuit and resumed patrol.

At 1200 on 26 December received radio report that the task force we encountered the previous evening was observed by patrol planes and believed to be heading to attack the Mindoro landing area. After some quick navigation and plotting, turned course for Mindoro at flank speed run as beleieved if could not make it there before the enemy arrived, could be in position to catch them as withdrew.

As we passed 15 NM N of Calauit Island just after 2334 on 26 December, could in the darkness of the night, see flashes in the distance, most likely that was an engagement off Mindoro.

As crossed the Mindoro Strait at high speed, SD made multiple contacts, USAAF bombers based in area making their attacks. A report came in saying PT boats and aircraft were attacking.

0111 saw large fireball in the distance.

0141 SJ made contact on several large vessels at 000 heading our way at high speed. (position 12 20 N 120 50 E in Mindoro Strait).

Closed for night surface attack as aircraft continued to harass the retiring enemy force. Targeted the largest ship, which was previously identified Oyodo Light Cruiser.

0146 AB-25 was spotted flying low and burning and crashed just 400 yards off starboard side of Baya.

0148 4000 yards off track as prepared to fire, the two DD's leading the the CL in the single column suddenly turned towards at high speed Baya and opened fire. Immediately ordered a dive and boat settled to periscope depth. Turned Baya into the lead DD rushing in, presenting a perfect 0 degree AOB for a down the throat shot.

0150 With the DD (believed to be Shiratsuyu Class) at 600 yards fired three Mark 14's and ordered a dive to 600 feet. As passed 90 feet. Three large explosions heard as three torpedoes impacted the target. Several secondary explosions occurred as well. The other DD was heard to no longer be closing. Came to scope depth to observe the Shiratsuyu as it slipped under the waves bow first.

The other DD was on fire and burning, apparently from aircraft hits but soon detected Baya and came in. At 600 feet was able to avoid the persistent and effective yet somewhat brief depth charge attack.

Back at scope depth thirty minutes later, could see gunfire in the distance towards west side of Mindoro Strait. Surfaced but was unable to regain contact with enemy. Secured from GQ and set course for return to patrol area.

27 December

0714- While on bridge observed pink smoke marker in distance at bearing 075. Turned course at best speed.

0744- Rescued downed B-25 aircrewman at 12 33 N 119 59 E off Busuanga Island. Six minutes later rescued another downed aircrewman in same location several hundred yards apart.

27 December-4 January- Patrolled assigned area in South China Sea. No further contacts aside from a daily patrol plane. Avoided being sighted while in area.

5 January 1945: 0000- Departed patrol area due to low fuel (high speed runs consumed a lot of fuel) and set course for Fremantle arriving 14 January where terminated patrol.

Patrol Stats:

Total Vessels Sunk:2
Total Tonnage:
Torpedoes Fired:9 Mark 18=6 Mark 14=3
Number of attacks made: 2
5 inch ammunition expended:0
40 ammunition expended:0
20mm expended:0

Ships Sunk:

1.) CA- Myoko Class Heavy Cruiser 15879 tons 1944/12/26 0253 hours. Position:12 50 N 116 E

2.) DD-Shiratsuyu Class Destroyer 1685 tons 1944/12/27 0150 hours. Position: 12 21 N 120 39 E in Mindoro Strait.

Aircrew Rescued:2

Rescue # 1: 1944/12/27 0744. 12 33 N 119 59 E 15 NM off Busuanga Island.

Rescue #2: 1944/12/27 0750. 12 33 N 119 59 E 15 NM off Busuanga
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TMO 2.5 with custom mods
USS Besugo SS-321 2nd War Patrol
10 November- 3 December 1944
100 realism. Cams on contacts on (testing modifications to TMO)

10 November:

0900- Departed Saipan for patrol Area A2 in South China Sea East of Luzon. Upon completion of patrol, ordered terminate at Fremantle, Australia.

10 November-15 November transited to Patrol area.

17 November-

0240- SJ made contact on convoy at 12 NM bearing 321 degrees. Ordered intercept course.

0255- PPI scope revealed 17 pips with six forming a protective screen. Low light conditions and calm seas optimal for surfaced torpedo attack. Set course to try and enter convoy screen from port while escort was out of position sweeping. However a previously unseen escort appeared and quashed this opportunity. Pulled away to try and enter convoy from rear.

0320- Convoy screen at rear is too heavy with two escorts and merchant in column trailing a big , not enough distance to sneak in at required speeds. Pulled away and would try to enter screen from the front.

0340- Slipped past lead escort (Type C Escort) at 2800 yards and turned directly into convoy.

0348- Penetrated convoy between two center columns. Turned Besugo to starboard target SEITO MARU tanker (5600 tons) with rear tubes (Mark 18's) and KITRUIN MARU troopship with bow tubes. AOB on Kitruin was 40 with AOB on Tanker 110.

0351- Fired 4 Mark 18's at tanker from stern tubes. Fired three Mark 14's from bow tubes at troopship.

0352- Torpedo 1 hit the troopship was failed to detonate(reported as dud by sound operator. Rare issue at this point) but torpedoes 3 and 4 impacted and detonated. Troopship may have been loaded with ammunition as it exploded in a large flame and numerous secondary explosions occurred. Ship quickly began to settle.

0353-Stern torpedoes hit the tanker, which exploded in a massive fireball. Obviously loaded with fuel.

Turned to port and sped up to flank speed to get away from the scene was two flank escorts were heading our direction. Besugo was illuminated by the burning fires, several nearby merchants opened fire with machine gun/autocannons and deck guns. Several splashes landed in vicinity but non close. As disappeared into darkness and avoided spotlight of nearby merchant, gunfire ceased. The escorts were trolling the area of the sinkings but were astern as Besugo located another tanker, a 10000 ton NIPPON MARU class.

0401-Large explosion in far starboard column, torpedoes from another submarine found home. Escorts began flocking to the area except for one that was closing from the rear of convoy on Besugo's location. The tanker turned presenting a zero AOB and with no room or time to maneuver, fired one Mark 14 down the throat of the tanker. (shades of Ramage in Parche 31 July 1944)

0402-Torpedo impacted the tankers bow, setting off a massive explosion and fireball. Tanker obviously loaded with fuel. Burning and drifting, she was finished and eventually sunk.

0403-Noticed the escort was closing fast, turned to port at high speed to present stern and open distance. However, a nearby merchant's spotlight combined with the tankers burning fire illuminated Besugo, along with her gunfire.

0404-A large explosion in the far port column. Seems another pack mate attacked convoy. Right after, the escort opened fire with her deck guns from just 3200 yards, with splashes landing near forcing Besugo to dive

0406- As Besugo passed 200 feet, rigged for silent running and depth charge, many splashes were heard as escort roared overhead. Large pattern of charges exploded above, estimated depth of 100-150 feet. Boat shaken, minor leaks in conning tower above periscope, quickly stopped. Dropped SBT decoys as descended. Leveling boat off at 525 feet.

0410 - Two escorts now on scene making runs, one focused on decoy while other seemed to have Besugo pegged. As it made run went ahead flank and ordered 575 feet. Many splashes heard. A large pattern of depth charges exploded, mostly above but two were close boat's depth no serious damage.

0413-Boat leveled off at 600 feet. Both escorts seemed to focus on decoys.

0416- Strong pinging signal from an escort closing from ahead as Besugo continued slow starboard turn. As closed ordered more depth and ahead flank. Slowed and leveled at 650 feet after charges exploded, began turn to port.

0416-0500 several more patterns were dropped but none close as escort seem to have lost contact.

0510- Attempted to rise to scope depth but a "sleeper" started up engines, Went back to 600 feet.

0730- All was clear on sound. Came to scope depth, then made SJ and SD sweep. Surfaced and close lone contact at 11000 yards , likely was a wounded merchant but with caution in case a "sleeper." As dawn broke, observed a mid sized merchant believed to be 4800 ton KANAGA MARU down by the stern. Believe this was the port merchant torpedoed by another submarine at 0404. Ordered all guns manned to finish off the merchant.

0745- As Besugo closed and was about to open fire from 5000 yards, the KANAGA MARU, down by the bow, sunk at 18 34 N 118 37 E.

0750-Secured from GQ and commenced battery charge, heading on base course of convoy to regain contact.

0811-SD contact 10 NM. Forced to dive.

0930- Back on surface in pursuit, forced to dive multiple times due to aircraft.

18 November-

0000- Unable to regain contact, broke off pursuit and turned to course 030.

0900-SJ made contact on two pips at 11 NM closing. APR-1 detected radar emissions from the contacts bearing. Closed at high speed to investigate.

0920-In distance observed masts of a CA or CL , lead vessels appeared to be a DD. Called General Quarters-torpedo. Closed to cross the track and attack submerged with Mark 18's in stern tubes.

0925- DIVE

0934-Indentified a NAGARA Class CL with a Matsu Class DE on course 141 estimated speed 22 knots.

0938-Stern tubes ready. Depth set to 8 feet. Would fire from 1900 yards.

0940-Fired tubes 7, 8, and 9.

0943-One torpedo hit amidships of the CL. Other two missed, believe the ran deeper than set as should have hit.(Did something rarely do and used attack map, it showed them as should have been hits, only explanation is deep runner, still a an issue at this point with Mark 18, although somewhat rare)

0944- The Nagara slowed but turned away at 14-16 knots, while the Matsu closed in. Decided to present stern for a down the throat shot on the Matsu with last Mark 18. As was turning, an aircraft appeared overhead. Ordered a dive. As passed 124 feet, three close explosions rocked Besugo, minor damage to conning tower.

0946- As passed 400 feet, the DE roared overhead and dropped large pattern of depth charges. Many of these were close, bow torpedo room took brunt of damage, minor flooding was quickly stopped. Deployed decoys as continued descent.

0947-Multiple explosions overhead and at boat level, causing shaking and some damage in engine room and to trim pump, possibly MAD equipped. Believed from aircraft as DE was estimated 1000 yards away.

0950- At 575 feet, leveled off. DE roared overhead once again and let loose a large pattern. Went ahead flank with a slight turn to port. Charges exploded above, estimated 520-550 feet.

1030- DE has been quiet for 40 minutes, believe listening as Besugo crept along at 575 feet.

1041-Suddenly DE engines sprung to life, reported at 500 yards, began rapid pinging and dropped a large but inaccurate pattern.

1042-DE continued to move away at high speed towards last known direction of the CL.

1100-Lost sound contact with both DE and CL.

1104-Several explosions in general area, believed to be aircraft.

1300-At periscope depth, SD and SJ radar clear.

1302-Surfaced. Set pursuit course of damaged CL.

1330-SD contact forced Besugo to dive as it closed 6 NM.


1601-SJ regained contact on two pips, presumed to be the CL and DE. Pursued at high speed.

1900- Appeared CL still maintained speed advantage as was unable to close distance below 7 NM but able to maintain with CL. Estimated speed of 20-21 knots.Continued pursuit in case of zig or slow down.

19 November-

0000-Discontinued pursuit of CL.

1440- SJ contact on large Northbound convoy at 11 NM. Pulled ahead to shadow until night fall for surface attack.

1500-1900-An patrolling aircraft forced Besugo to submerged several times, but remained undetected.

2100-General Quarters. PPI scope showed 15 ships with 5 (presumed escorts). Approached convoy from rear as flanks were too heavily guarded.

2131-Inside convoy screen between two center columns.

2140 set up on a large HEIAN MARU freighter (11800 tons) with bow tubes. Fired three Mark 14's from 2000 yards.

2141- Two torpedoes hit, one missed. Freighter burning and listing. Spotlight and gunfire from a KOTO MARU freighter astern. Soon left it behind as HEIAN MARU capsized. Observed a kaibokan type escort from port side rushing in towards the scene.

2145-Gunfire ceased as Besugo disappeared into the darkness. Observed an AKEBONO MARU tanker. and began closing. Ships were now zigging making proper shots difficult.

2151- SD contact. Night flyer coming in. As contact neared, all stop. 40 MM guns manned in case. Plane had radar as APR-1 was detecting emissions but in darkness failed to spot Besugo . SD flew over convoy and remained in area before departing.

2200- Convoy zigged, throwing Besugo out of position. Spent next hour or so attempting to regain position. Forced to dive once due to SD contact.

20 November-

0002-Fired three Mark 14 torpedoes at the tanker from 2100 yards

0003- All three torpedoes hit, tanker exploded into the expected fireball and quickly sunk. Went ahead flank dodging gunfire and spotlights. Some machine gun or auto cannon fire scored a few hits. Damage reported to periscope shears, aft 40 MM gun and one crewmember lightly wounded. Several large shell splashes landed about 100 yards away. Soon ceased as raced into the darkness.

0004-Observed three escorts one from astern and two from starboard flank heading in towards scene of last attack. Now had three Mark 14's left forward and one Mark 18 aft.

0006- Forward escort was now heading towards Besugo, as if intended to enter convoy. A set up of being trapped was possible but the escorts astern had slowed and were investigating area of last tanker sunk.

Observed could torpedo a mid sized freighter and small freighter forward and a mid sized freighter aft with remaining aft torpedo. The two ships forward damaged or sunk would open a large gap in far column and permit an easy escape on surface.

0014 - Fired one torpedo at a small troopship (TYOHEI MARU) and two MADRAS MARU, with remaining stern torpedo at SEIA MARU mid sized freighter astern.

0016-First torpedo missed the small troopships (possible deep runner), second missed, but third hit MADRAS MARU.

0017- Stern torpedo hit SEIA MARU amidships causing large explosion and fire.

0018- As conned the boat to exit convoy came under fire at close range from Madras Maru, which was listing from its torpedo hit. The smaller troopship (now properly identified as a TAIHOSAN MARU small frieghter) also opened fire and illuminated Besugo with spotlight. Besugo moved at high speed dodging shell splashes. A few light MG or auto cannon rounds impacted but no apparent damage. 40 MM guns already manned due to earlier aircraft, ordered them to open fire(love having them set as deck guns. Player can man them as AA guns and provide a deterrent in emergency) on Madras Maru, with orders to aim for weapons. The effect seemingly silenced the gunners on Madras Maru as the listing ship stopped firing but was not yet sinking and spotlight remained on Besugo.

0019 Ordered 5 inch gun manned in case needed. Noticed on PPI scope now had four escorts from different directions closing in on position.

0020- Taihosan Maru continued lobbing shells despite slowing to avoid leaving wake (speed matters in detect, its a setting in the sim.cfg) and when one came too close for comfort. Ordered 5 inch gun to open fire. Four successive hits plus 40 MM fire set the small freighter on fire and turning away at best speed , guns silenced. Besugo ceased fire.

0025- SEIA MARU sunk. Escorts rapidly closing. Besugo speeding away and could avoid all but had one, the port flank escort who was forward racing in Besugo's direction and he had radar as APR-1 was detecting emissions, seemed to have a fix. Soon noticed others headed in direction, alerted by this escort. Ordered gun crews below and if could not outrun him, would dive.

0030 escort closed to 4000 yards. Identified at a Type C escort. While could match Besugo's speed, could not overtake us.

0032- Gambling he did not have an exact fix. Slowed to 14 knots and Put on 5 degrees starboard rudder to begin gentle turn off his course, slowly presenting stern with a little broadsides as he passed, ready to dive immediately if spotted.

0037- Escort passed astern of Besugo at 3800 yards. Besugo resumed flank speed to depart area.

0051- SD contact ordered a dive.

0100- Surface. Secure from GQ. Out of torpedoes, set course for Fremantle, Australia.

29 November

2200-Transited Lombok Strait Southbound.

2351-Avoided three PC types in center of strait.

2359-SD contact, never closed more than 6 NM. Radar detected.

30 November-

0004-Observed surfaced minefield east side off Lombok Island.

0021- Exited Lombok Strait.

1 December-4 December-

En route Fremantle.

5 December

0815- Arrived Fremantle. Terminated patrol.

Patrol Stats:

Patrol duration: 25

Days in area:5

Number of torpedo attacks:


Ships sunk: 7( 4 AK 3 AO)

Ships damaged: 2- 1CL, 1 AK.

Torpedoes Expended:24

Torpedo malfunctions: 1 dud confirmed, 4 believed to have ran deeper than set.

5 inch rounds expended:12

40 MM rounds expended:84

20 MM rounds expended:0

Damage: light-MG AC fire. Minor DC damage.


WIA: 1 (mild, returned to duty)

Some screenshots:

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With our first patrol cut short by uncontrollable flooding in our aft torpedo room (I recommended a commendation for bravery for Chief Moseley who managed to secure the compartment and make sure he and everyone made it out) we set out on our second patrol intent on making up for lost time.

Following our being spotted by aircraft during daylight charging of our batteries as we approached Japan, sonar detected a warship heading to our position from long range (we later surmised that it was directed to us by the aircraft). When finally in view of our periscope the craft was small and it was approaching on a direct course. We were somewhat stationary with just enough push to shift heading. I ordered the helmsman to make full right rudder until our bow tubes were presented directly. Holding off until the craft was within 1000 yards, we fired off two torpedoes (knowing we've had some duds recently). One hit and the sub chaser went down quickly.

Closer to the coast running on the surface at dusk, we were again spotted by aircraft and dove to avoid. Once again a warship was directed to us with similar results to the first (using only one torpedo this time.

In our patrol zone we looked for merchant tonnage to sink. A large oiler (estimated to be 10,000 tons) was sighted but a nearby warship was making it impossible for us to surface and set up an intercept course. I ordered to make aft tubes available to sink what ended up being a destroyer escort. This ship, though, was not headed directly our way. It was running a search pattern nearby. Closing the distance while running in reverse, we got as close as possible, and attacked within 1200 yds. Two torpedoes were fired thirty seconds apart. When it was estimated the first torpedo missed the DE appeared to hone in directly and sped our direction. We emptied our remaining stern tubes. One out of the four hit its mark.

After the sinking of the DE we surfaced to catch up with the large oiler. We finally were able to set up a good shot on it several hours later and 3 torpedoes were fired, all three scoring hits with no duds. It broke in half and sank quickly.

Deciding to make our way back to deeper water, we crawled along with our battery charge low but managed to avoid being found. Surfacing at night, we resumed standard speed in order to make time while charging. After a couple of hours we received some light damage from a shore battery that went unnoticed by us on our way inbound through the shallow passage (near hits can still break things). We submerged at 2/3 speed for awhile then resurfaced to resume our escape to deeper waters but before that occurred we managed to find more merchant shipping of considerable tonnage and sending a tanker and merchant to the bottom.

Being low on torpedoes and being cleared to return from patrol when checking in, we made our way directly back to Pearl for replenishment and repairs.

Cdr. T.E. Sting
-Arlo aka Matt T. Sherman aka Jay
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Originally Posted by Arlo View Post
With our first patrol cut short by uncontrollable flooding in our aft torpedo room (I recommended a commendation for bravery for Chief Moseley who managed to secure the compartment and make sure he and everyone made it out) we set out on our second patrol intent on making up for lost time.

Following our being spotted by aircraft during daylight charging of our batteries as we approached Japan, sonar detected a warship heading to our position from long range (we later surmised that it was directed to us by the aircraft). When finally in view of our periscope the craft was small and it was approaching on a direct course. We were somewhat stationary with just enough push to shift heading. I ordered the helmsman to make full right rudder until our bow tubes were presented directly. Holding off until the craft was within 1000 yards, we fired off two torpedoes (knowing we've had some duds recently). One hit and the sub chaser went down quickly.

Closer to the coast running on the surface at dusk, we were again spotted by aircraft and dove to avoid. Once again a warship was directed to us with similar results to the first (using only one torpedo this time.

In our patrol zone we looked for merchant tonnage to sink. A large oiler (estimated to be 10,000 tons) was sighted but a nearby warship was making it impossible for us to surface and set up an intercept course. I ordered to make aft tubes available to sink what ended up being a destroyer escort. This ship, though, was not headed directly our way. It was running a search pattern nearby. Closing the distance while running in reverse, we got as close as possible, and attacked within 1200 yds. Two torpedoes were fired thirty seconds apart. When it was estimated the first torpedo missed the DE appeared to hone in directly and sped our direction. We emptied our remaining stern tubes. One out of the four hit its mark.

After the sinking of the DE we surfaced to catch up with the large oiler. We finally were able to set up a good shot on it several hours later and 3 torpedoes were fired, all three scoring hits with no duds. It broke in half and sank quickly.

Deciding to make our way back to deeper water, we crawled along with our battery charge low but managed to avoid being found. Surfacing at night, we resumed standard speed in order to make time while charging. After a couple of hours we received some light damage from a shore battery that went unnoticed by us on our way inbound through the shallow passage (near hits can still break things). We submerged at 2/3 speed for awhile then resurfaced to resume our escape to deeper waters but before that occurred we managed to find more merchant shipping of considerable tonnage and sending a tanker and merchant to the bottom.

Being low on torpedoes and being cleared to return from patrol when checking in, we made our way directly back to Pearl for replenishment and repairs.

Cdr. T.E. Sting

Enjoyed the video. Curious, how do you record your patrols?
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Originally Posted by Bubblehead1980 View Post
Enjoyed the video. Curious, how do you record your patrols?
I use GEForce Experience (its a program that came with my video card software). I then edit it with videoeditor (cut things down to clips, turn them into grey tone, add sound). I'm getting better at it (I think). I wanted this to look like camera footage taken from the scope. I should have del keyed the game toolbar out.
-Arlo aka Matt T. Sherman aka Jay
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Originally Posted by Arlo View Post
I use GEForce Experience (its a program that came with my video card software). I then edit it with videoeditor (cut things down to clips, turn them into grey tone, add sound). I'm getting better at it (I think). I wanted this to look like camera footage taken from the scope. I should have del keyed the game toolbar out.

Nice. I want to give it a try, record some patrols. Also want to do demonstration of night surface attacks in my upgrade for TMO, attacking on surface at night from inside the convoy.
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Default USS Besugo 4th War Patrol 24 March-2 May 1945

Sim played out close to what actually happened in April 1945 for USS Besugo.

TMO 2.5 with custom mods
100 realism. cams and contacts off.
USS Besugo SS-321
4th War Patrol


0900-Departed Fremantle under new Commanding Officer LCDR H.E. Miller (editing the career track, switch up CO's every 5 patrols or so or to correspond with historical dates and focus more on the boat and crew than individual CO career, trying to implement this new focus into TMO update. LCDR H.E. Miller historically did relieve CDR T.L. Wogan after Besugo's third patrol in February 1945) assigned to patrol Area E6 in the Java Sea.

3/26- Fueled at Exmouth Gulf.

3/29-Transited Lombok Strait Northbound. No patrols encountered. Cleared strait by 2330 hours.


0700- SD contact. Submerged to avoid.

4/2-4/3- patrol


1640- SJ contact bearing 315 11 NM. 6 30 N 115 20 E. APR-1 detected emissions.

Target indentified as Nagara Class CL with two MS and one TB escort. Target on course 270 at estimated 22 knots.

1730- Submerged.

1740-Attack No.1 6 20 S 116 20 E. Fired four Mark 18 set for 10 feet from stern tubes.Range: 2100 yds. AOB 70 . Point of Aim: MOT with two degree spread using TDC spread knob.

1744- All torpedoes missed. Believe target changed speed as observed slight course change upon rising scope to observe expected torpedo impact. Sound showed torpedoes missing ahead by just 20-50 yards (estimated).

1745- Aircraft observed via attack periscope diving for Besugo. Ordered dive to 150 feet. Bombs detonated, no damage. One escort was heard breaking off to the area but did not search long, returned.

1820-Surface and initiated pursuit of enemy cruiser. Regained SJ contact but unable to close distance beyond 8 NM due to speed differential.

0000-Terminated pursuit. Returned to patrol area.

6 April-

0300- ULTRA received indicating enemy CL Isuzu(Nagara Class, attacked on 4 April en route to Bima Bay, apparently) on transport mission from Kupang Harbor, Timor to Bima Bay Sumbawa Island would transit Sape Strait between 1600-2000 hours 6 April. . Along with Charr and Gablian, directed to area. (submerged AI torpedo firing subs placed in TMO upgrade).

Plot showed Besugo could make Sape Strait by 1300 on 6 April at 18 knots. Proceeded to Sape Strait.

1304- Entered Sape Strait(North). Observed multiple mines. Besugo had inadvertently entered a previously unreported minefield. Backed out without course change and ordered guns manned. Using 40 MM, 20 MM, and 5 inch gun fire...fired upon and destroyed four mines.

1345- Departed area due to minefield. Moved to position 8 10 S 118 40 E off Sumbawa in attempt to ambush enemy upon arrival at entrance to Bima Bay.

1900- Enemy detected on SJ, attempted to intercept but enemy speed was high with radical course changes within a few thousand yards of the shore after passing the narrow strait between Sumbawa and Sangeang Island. A persistent radar equipped patrol craft also contributed to hampering the interception.

2100- Unable to gain attack position, moved further away from coast

2300-ULTRA received indicating the CL (identified as Isuzu-Nagara Class) would depart Bima for Surabaya after 0200 7 April

7 April-

0651 - SJ contact bearing 031 11 NM. 7 50 S 118 30 E 35 NM NW of Bima Bay. APR-1 detected radar emissions. Went to GQ and initiated intercept course.

0701- Radar indicated targets slowed with what was believed to be one escort and the Isuzu and another escort heading in different directions. Explosions of depth charges heard in distance. Another submarine attacked. Closed to assist but forced to dive by a patrol plane.

0811- SJ sweep detected two pips heading towards Besugo. Surfaced and closed at 20 knots. Due to the calm, clear morning, was soon able to spot the Nagara Class CL (Isuzu) and MS in the distance. Plotted course and speed, believe would transit through the Tengah Islands. SJ showed another pip racing to catch up with two main pips, believed to be escort attempting to rejoin the Isuzu and the other escort.

0900- Ahead of target, waited for a expected zig to NW and submerged for attack.

0908- Target observed on course 310 at 19 knots. Target track was proving too close for bow shot and would be directly under the leading escort. . Besugo conducted a turn away to bring stern tubes to bare.

0912-Attack No 2: 7 18 S 117 55 E Fired 4 Mark 18 torpedoes set for 8 feet from stern tubes. Range 1900 yds. AOB 71 Point of AIM:Middle, Middle, Forward, Aft.

0914- Torpedoes 1 and 2 hit the stern and just forward of the stern of the cruiser, which set off the depth charge rack and aft magazine. Torpedo 3 hit amidships leaving a large visible hole under the middle stack. Torpedo 4 hit under the third stack. Target quickly slowed with a turn away from Besugo with two large fires burning. A list to starboard and by the stern quickly developed.

0915 - A large series of explosions, presumed to be the magazines were observed. Isuzu quickly took a sharp down angle by stern while rolling to starboard and sunk at 7 18 S 117 E east. No survivors or lifeboats observed.

Simultaneously, pinging began. Observed a Shimushu Class Type A Escort(previously identified as an MS) closing in from 1800 yards. Ordered a dive to 450 feet, rigged for silent running, and depth charge. Two SBT decoys deployed. Escort did not take the bait and continued pinging Besugo.

0919. As Besugo passed 375 feet, escort passed overhead and dropped a sizeable DC pattern. All exploded above.

0921-Leveled off at 450 feet.

0922-0945- Escort conducted four attacks with the last two being accurate causing minor damage. Most serious was trim pump and battery damage.

0952- Besugo descended to 600 ft depth. On the 5th attack, a close pattern exploded above the conning tower and forward torpedo room. Leaks and mild flooding occurred in both. The flooding in conning tower was quickly stopped but the flooding forward was serious . With the trim pump not operating at 100 percent, the flooding forward gave Besugo a slight down angle and she began to sink beyond ordered depth. To avoid rapid sinking, ordered rise on planes and minimal forward speed , adding back speed as required. Deployed three decoys as Besugo slowly descended . The 6th and 7th attacks landed no close charges as escort focused on escorts

1005- Besugo at 701 ft. Flooding stopped and rate of descent checked. Maneuvered about at 700-720 feet. Trim pump repaired.

1021- Depth-650 feet.

1031- Escort appeared to regain sonar contact as closed in and made another run. Two charges were fairly close and caused minor damage in engine rooms.

1035-1054- Escort, obviously first team, made two more attacks, shaking Besugo badly as she descended again to 675 feet but charges were above.Water finally pumped out of conning tower and forward torpedo room.

1101- Sound reported a second escort arrived in area.

1110-1304- Both escorts took turns making repeated depth charge attacks on Besugo. At 1231 ,a depth of 750 feet was reached to get below the intense and accurate attacks. Minor damage was incurred from these attacks, most serious of which being periscopes and JT listening gear heavily damaged.

From 1305, no sound contacts detected, believe escorts were "sleeping" listening for Besugo. To conserve power Besugo was back at 575 feet. slipping away to SW at 2 1/2 knots.

1619- Sound had one escort suddenly roaring to life at 900 yards and another at 1200, both began pinging and roared overhead. Dropping patterns of charges. However, none were close and appeared to explode either well above or well below Besugo. Sound then lost contact and was unable to regain contact. Believe escorts were "sleeping" at this time.

1650- Sound reported two warships moving away at medium speed to NW. Secured from GQ maintained silent running.

1900- Periscope depth. Dark had fallen. Neither No 1 nor No 2 periscopes functional. Sound and SJ sweeps clear. Secure silent running.


2000-All damage repaired except No 1 and No 2 periscopes. Unable to repair attack scope while observation scope heavily damaged, barely functional. With eight torpedoes (All stern ) expended and scopes damaged, decided to set course for Fremantle for repair and rearm, to continue war patrol as soon as possible.

9 April- Transited Lombok Strait Southbound, no patrols encountered.

12 April- 1700- Arrived Fremantle.

13 April-Repairs, rearm, refuel completed.

14 April-0900-Departed Fremantle to continued war patrol.

16 April-Topped off fuel tanks at Exmouth Gulf.

17-18 April-Heavy seas and storms slowed transit.

19 April-

0121- Cleared Lombok Strait Northbound.

20 April-

0100- Received ULTRA indicating a large transport with escorts would depart Surabaya for Singapore via North coast of Java to Banten Bay and Bangka Straits at 1900 hours. Proceeded on course at best speed.

2205- SJ contact 9 NM bearing 090 6 45 S 112 20 E. PPI showed two large pips with six vessels in tight circle, presumed to be escorts. The convoy was transiting just 6000 yards off North Coast of Java.Submerged to avoid numerous planes throughout day.

2210- General Quarters for Torpedo Attack-Surface. Conditions were ideal with no moonlight and calm seas.

2230- Lead vessel was a large 7000 ton freighter, trailing vessel was a very large ton tanker, identified as the NOKURA MARU (14800 tons). Decided to swing stern around when convoy zigged towards to fire four stern torpedoes at the tanker.

2244- Attack No. 3: Fired four Mark 18 torpedoes at five second intervals, depth of 12 feet. Point of AIM :MOT with 2 degree spread along length. Range 2400 yards. AOB: 70 starbord. Enemy speed 14 knots. Course 285 degrees.

2246- All four torpedoes hit target, resulting in three very large explosions and a massive fireball. The tanker split amidships into two sections, her keel broken. NOKURA MARU sunk 6 44 S 112 14 E.

Immediately upon impact, the nearest escort spotted Besugo after star shells and the burning fires illuminated the area. As Besugo raced away at flank speed, vessel turned to pursue and several shell splashes were observed, one coming within 25 yards.

2248 Gunfire ceased as escort seemed to lose contact. Although there was just 60 feet below keel, an SBT decoy was deployed in and effort to give the pursuing escort the impression that Besugo had submerged.

2250- Escort slowed, fired a star shell, began circling location of decoy and dropped several large patterns of depth charges, it seemed the ruse worked.

2251-Observed a DE type moving towards Besugo at high speed. This contact was soon identified as a Matsu Class DE. APR-1 detected radar emissions from this DE. Besugo turned to show its stern to the Matsu at 4000 yards. The Matsu seemed to have Besugo on radar as it increased speed and was closing the distance.

2253-Tube 7 was now reloaded with a Mark 18. Opened out door and prepared for a down the throat shot if required. Decided to gamble and make a slight turn to port with five degrees rudder to turn off the track of the Matsu

2255-In the distance several large dc explosions heard as escort continued to work over the decoy deployed earlier. The Matsu slowed and turn on its search lights directly ahead. Besugo was by this time off the track and racing away. DE spotlight illuminated Besugo's stern. Several shells splashed within 10-40 yards of Besugo. The DE turned and began closing, apparently gaining visual lock after losing radar lock. Tube 8 was now reloaded, opened out door as well and prepared for a down the throat shot.

2256-The DE suddenly began zigging back and forth, wary of coming right at the stern of an enemy submarine. This slowed the DE enough that Besugo was able to open the range and disappear into the darkness. The enemy DE continued probing with radar and seemed to regain contact intermittently but did not come within 3500 yards again nor open fire.

2300- DE slowed, dropped a pattern of depth charges, then stopped completely, as if to listen with hydrophones.

2321- Besugo was abeam of the convoy remnants... the freighter and three escorts. The other three escorts were still hunting in the area of the first attack.

Merchant was now moving at 7 knots zigging 4000-6000 yards off Java Coast.

2341- Attack No 4.- Fired three Mark 18 torpedoes from bow tubes 1,2, and 3 at 2500 yards AOB 70. Aimed for MOT.

2343- All torpedoes missed target. Apparently target increased speed after launch, causing the miss astern. A radar equipped escort became curious and suddenly headed towards Besugo at high speed. Made hard turn to starboard and departed area at flank speed. Escort was seen with searchlight on focusing on area Besugo was previously located.

2344-Raced ahead for end around and follow up attack. Three escorts were observed rejoining the formation at high speed, the Matsu DE taking the lead.

21 April-

0330- Attack No. 5-Fired four Mark 18 torpedoes at ATSUTASAN MARU class frieghter(7100 tons) 2400 yards. AOB 81. Target speed 14 knots Course 270. AIM: MOT, MOT, Aft, Forward. Fired as individual TBT bearings.

0332- Three torpedoes impacted freighter. Large fires consumed topside, freighter slowed and listed to starboard. Besugo turned away under heavy gunfire from escorts.

0333- Fourth torpedo inadvertently hit one an unidentified escort on the side of convoy closes to shore. Fires observed and vessel became stationary. The Matsu DE was closing fast on Besugo's position but was obstructed by the burning and drifting freighter, which prevented the DE from taking a direct course. This bought Besugo precious time and was able to escape into the dark of night.

0340-ATSUTSAN MARU 7100 tons sunk. 6 34 S 111 31 E

0341 - SD contact. A marauding night flyer circled the area. APR-1 detected radar emissions but did not observe Besugo.

0430-Cleared cost into deeper waters South of Bawean Island. Secured from GQ,

0645-As dawn broke submerged for SD contact at 6 NM.


22 April-

0900-Submerged to 150 feet to avoid aircraft. Bottom is 160 feet. 6 S 113 30 E

0911- Four large explosions above Besugo, close. Assume aircraft spotted Besugo in calm clear waters of Java Sea. Minor leaks throughout boat. Most serious damage was to compressor, pumps, and No 1 (Observation) periscope.

Remained submerged, changing course at high speed and using all available depth.

1000- 60 feet. SD showed two aircraft within 8 NM hunting Besugo. Turned to NE course at 4 knots.

1101-Sound reported fast screws approaching bearing 161. Two PC types observed in distance. Most likely called in by aircraft as Java coast was just 60 NM away.

1102-1400- Aircraft and PC searched area. One PC came within 6000 yards of Besugo.

1500- Sound lost contact.

1900-Sweeo with SJ SD and sound showed all clear. Surfaced into night.

23 April-

0000-Set course to clear coastal area to let things calm down

0640- 4 30 S 112 30 E. During morning trim dive-Sound sweep revealed faint props of possible submerged submarine at bearing 010. Set course at 3 knots for contact, remaining submerged.

0711-Sound had steady contact on props of submarine.

0742-Surfaced submarine spotted at bearing 355 estimated distance 9000 yards. General Quarters. Began approach course 180 at 3 knots

0750 - Unidentified submarine on course 090 estimated speed 13 knots.

0756-Target identified as a German Type 9 U-Boat. Course 092 12 knots. Ordered tubes 4,5, and 6 readied as contained Mark 18 wakeless torpedoes, while tubes 1,2, and 3 had Mark 23 steam torpedoes.

0804-Attack No. 6-Fired three Mark 18 torpedoes. Range 2400 yards AOB 70 AIM:MOT. Depth 5 feet.

0806-First torpedo impacted amidships under the conning tower, followed but the other two, the torpedo explosions causing the U-Boat to nearly fly out of the water, then crash back and briefly submerge. The bow broached at a high angle before settling. Within 20 seconds, the U-Boat disappeared. A small oil and debris field was located. Type 9 U Boat sunk 4 30 S 112 20 E 80 NM NNW Bawean Island.

24-29 April- No contacts.

30 April-

0600-10 NM south of Bawean Island. SD failed to detect aircraft until just 6 NM away. Aircraft flew over the island from the North. As Besugo passed 81 feet...five large explosions close and at Besugo's depth exploded. Conning tower took worst of damage with SJ radar damaged heavily and various leaks of piping and air lines. DC party activated.

0626- A series of explosions estimated 5000-9000 yards away, aircraft apparently dropping more bombs. Besugo limped away.


1400-Submerged to avoid aircraft.

1 May

0011- SJ contact bearing 010. 6 48 S 113 55 E. on small convoy of one merchant and two pc type escorts, 7000 yards off NE Java coast. Course 270 7 knots.

0405-General Quarters. Closed for attack. Heavy seas and full moon necessitated submerged attack. Shadowed convoy until was in location with 110 feet under keel as convoy would pass through a "deep" stretch off coast.. Felt the less than ideal sonar conditions would provide a margin of safety for Besugo.

0431- Attack No. 7 Fired Four Mark 23 torpedoes from bow tubes. Range 1800 yards AOB 87 Depth 10 feet.

0432-All four torpedoes hit target, obliterating it Believe target was ammo ship judging by numerous secondary explosions. KANAGA MARU 5100 tons sunk 6 52 S 113 26 E.

0433-Turned North at high speed to evade, then rigged for depth charge and silent running. Escorts came to area Besugo was at and dropped depth charges. The high speed run allowed Besugo to escape. The heavy seas concealed Besugo's escape.

0700- Secured from GQ and surfaced.

Avoided planes throughout day of 1 May.

2 May-

0624 Sighted what believed was a small PC type at 5 40 S 112 50 E 7 NM E Bawean Island. Seas calmed and used morning haze as cover to approach undetected for Battle Surface-Gun action. However, as closed range and fog cleared, vessel was revealed to be a minesweeper type. The APR-1 suddenly came to life detected radar emissions. The MS gave chase from 9000 yards. Turned Besugo away to NE at high speed.

0625-0630 five shell splashes observed in distance none close.

0650- MS gave up pursuit as was unable to close range.

3 May-


As clearing coast after a fruitless night of patrol, SJ contact bearing 170 at 6 20 S 111 0 E. Turned to intercept.

0520- Two small coastal freighters with 6 small PC type escorts on course 090 speed 8 knots 5000 yards from shore. With dawn coming soon and not enough depth for submerged attack and evasion, moved in to fire last torpedoes...four Mark 18's in stern tubes.

0538- Attack No. 8 Fired four Mark 18 torpedoes at two targets. 3100 yards AOB 67 . Depth 5 feet at MOT.Targets were both Taihosan Maru class coastal merchants 1800 tons each.

0542-Torpedoes missed both targets. Believe torpedoes ran deep. Choppy seas may have also been a factor.

0543- With all torpedoes expended and dawn breaking. Secured from GQ and raced away from coast. Once clear of coast, set course for Lombok Strait.

4 May-

0400- Cleared Lombok Strait Southbound

9 May -

1100- Docked at Fremantle. Terminated War Patrol.
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Default USS Besugo SS-321 War Patrol 28 May-24 June 1945

TMO 2.5 with custom mods.
100 realism. Cams and map contacts off.

Patrol Stats:

Assigned Patrol Area(s) E4- Java Sea, later D7-Western Borneo Coast
Days on Patrol:26
Crew on board: 72
Torpedoes on board at departure: 24 total. Mark 16 x7 Mark 14 x 8 Mark 27 x 2 Mark 18 x 7.

Gun ammunition on board at time of depature:

5 inch : 300

40 MM : 800

20 MM : 2000

Patrol Narrative and Results:

28 May-

1000- Depart Fremantle for Java Sea-Area E4.

30 May -
1200-1800- Refuel Exmouth Gulf

1 June-

2354- Transited Northbound Lombok Strait.

4 June

0501- ULTRA received. Enemy CA DD en route to Batavia from Singapore via Bangka Straits. ETA 5 June late PM>. Set course at arrive off Batavia for attempt intercept.

1400- SD contact 10 NM closing fast. 4 21 S 108 36 E. Dive.

1408- Depth 35 feet. Two explosions not close. Believed spotted in shallow waters ( 140 feet) and calm seas.

1410-Another explosion. Not close. Aircraft flying at low altitude can be heard through hull.

60 ft. SD sweep...all clear.

1509-Preparing to surface. SD contact 13NM closing


5 June-

0516- Position 5 50 S 106 30 E. 25 NM NW of Batavia.Likely route of target from Bangka Strait.

1201-Contact report received from BLUEBACK. One CA one DD exited Bangka Strait Southbound at 1130 hours. Target estimated course 185 25 knots. BLUEBACK unable to engage.

1322- SD contact 12 NM closing fast. 5 50 S 106 30 E. Dive.

1420- Sound contact. Heavy, fast screws at 358 degrees.


1428-SJ contact 352. 14 NM. APR-1 receiving radar emissions from contact bearing .Believe this is enemy CA DD observed by BLUEBACK.

1429-General Quarters.

1433- Targets appear to be hugging the Java coastline in shallow waters.

1439- Visually observed one CA and DD. Class unknown.

1441-Target identified as Myoko Class CA. DD appears to be Kamikaze Class DD. Course 114 est speed 24 knots.

1442-Range: 10000 yards. Submerged boat to 45 feet. Will fire long range as unable to get closer due to extreme shallow waters and coastal minefields.

1447- As was preparing to fire, target zigged towards BESUGO.New target course 090, speed 24 knots. Firing range should now be 5-6000 yards instead of 8000.

1453: Attack No. 1 : Fired four Mark 16 torpedoes. Position: 5 57 S 106 28 E Rnge:6800 yards. AOB 64. Depth set: 6 feet. Target speed: 24.5 knots. AIM:MOT, MOT, Aft, Forward. Torpedo number four (Mark 16) veered to starboard and went into circular run. Dropped scope and went to max depth available at 65 feet.

1454:Hard turn North to deeper waters. Circular run torpedo overhead. Unable to raise scope.

1457: All torpedoes missed.

1501-Three end of run explosions or torpedoes impacted the coast.

1502- Kamikaze Class DD heading towards Besugo.

1504-Attack No 2. Range 3000 AOB 0 Fired one Mark 27 Homing torpedo and two Mark 18 torpedoes. Minimum depth . POA: Bow .

1505-Two Mark 18's missed, possibly ran under keel. Fired third Mark 18.

1506-Torpedo impact. Mark 27 apparently tracked and impacted the DD aft amidships, forward of stern. This caused a large explosion(possibly torpedoes and ready ammo) DD turned away with large fire on the stern and developing a list to port by stern quickly.

1510-DD slowed. Stern is nearly submerged. Course 120 1.5 knots.

1512- Enemy CA last observed on course 120 zigging at high speed (estimated 20-22 knots)

1521-Radar depth. SJ contact on enemy CA bearing 120 10 NM range opening fast.

1524-As prepared to move in to administer coup de grace to damaged DD. SJ gained two new contacts at 220 7 NM closing fast. Possible ASW vessels responding to SOS from enemy CA/DD. Will open range and attack after night fall if possible.

1530-SD contact steady at 6 NM. Appears to be covering area of attack.

1540- Two more new SJ contacts 125 9 NM. Believe more ASW vessels responding, likely from Batavia.

1545- Second SD contact 9 NM steady...circling area.

1600-One PC type came within 5000 yards of Besugo. Dropped six depth charges before turning away.

1624-SJ has four likely ASW vessels in area and one aircraft circling damaged DD. Besugo is 6 NM away.

1630-Secured from General Quarters.

1800-SD contact 7 NM closing fast. Ordered 100 feet(bottom at 110 feet).

1810-Periscope depth/Radar depth. SD clear. SJ sweep contacts remaining hunting in area of Attack No. 1 and 2 with one vessel close to damaged DD which remains slowling heading towards Batavia.

1950-Surface.General Quarters. Closing last known DD position.

1951- SJ contact 000 11 NM. Believed to be damaged DD. Three more pips appear nearby, believed to be ASW escort vessels.

2008-Backing Besugo towards target from 9000 yards. Target appears stationary. One PC type 1200 yards off his starboard bow is stationary as well. Two others astern to port and starboard are patrolling slow at 6-7 knots.

2024- Attack No. 2 (Continued). Position: 5 57 S 106 29 E. Fired one Mark 18 torpedo. Range:3800 yds AOB: 91 Depth 5 feet. AIM: MOT(Middle of Target)

2028-Torpedo Impact. Large explosion. Kamikaze Class DD 1720 tons sunk 5 57 S 106 29 E. Enemy escorts began firing star shells, illuminating Besugo. One large PC type honed in on Besugo and gave chase. Radar emissions from this PC's bearing indicated her gunfire was radar guided as several shells landed close, one within 20 yards. However, as range quickly opened the gunfire grew less accurate and ceased, but pursuit by three PC types continued until just before midnight(2346) 6 June.

6 June

0830- 4'9 S 108 44 E . APR-1 detected radar emissions 265 degrees.

0831- SD contact 11 NM closing fast. Dive. Sounding:88 ft.


7 June-

1018- Contact Report Received from BLUEBACK. BLUEBACK reports enemy CA DD departed Batavia 1000 hours. Target likely to transit through Bangka Strait.

1020-Plot shows BESUGO unlikely to reach attack position south of Bangka Strait in time to intercept. Set course to intercept target at North end of Bangka Strait expected to contact enemy morning of 8 June.

1249 - SD contact 060 degrees. Position:2 41 S 109 18 E. Dive

1305- Surface.

0433- 125 S 105 40 E. As preparing to enter small gap in minefield off North Bangka coast, SJ contact 046 10 NM.

0500- Mid sized ship with radar equipped PC type , apparent course for Tik Kelebat Bay Northern Bangka. Did not attack as to not give away presence in area.

0530-Cleared minefield into Bangka Strait.

0715-SJ contact bearing 027 9 NM in Bangka Straits. Convoy of small coastal cargo boats with PC type escort. Evaded.

0804- SD contact 10 NM closing. 1 52 S 109 2 E. Dive.


1020-SD contact. 8 NM closing fast. Dive.

1030- Radar depth for SJ sweep.

1038-Sound contact: Fast, heavy screws in distance at 327 degrees.

1039-General Quarters

1047- SD contact 8 NM closing.

1053-APR-1 detecting radar emissions at 278 degrees. Likely enemy CA.

1100-SJ contact bearing 260 11 NM.

1137-Visual ID on Myoko Class CA and unknown DD. Believe same CA as the one missed in Attack No.1 on 5 June.

1140-CLosing target. Target is hugging Sumatran coastline (2400 yards) on course 345 estimated speed 14 knots.

1145-Attack No. 3: Fired two Mark 16, three Mark 14 torpedoes in tubes 1-5. Position:2'03 S 104 56 E (Bangka Straits North) Range:6050 yards AOB: 70 Torpedo Depth:5 feet. POA:MOT, MOT, MOT, Aft, Forward.

1149-Both mark 16's hit target amidships. Two large secondary explosions followed the impact 5 seconds after impact. Immense fireball visible. Fires burning along the superstructure and hull of target.

1150-Turning to evade DD. Enemy CA appears to be sinking on even keel.

1152-Myoko Class Heavy Cruiser (15870 tons) sunk at 2 04 S 104 53 E Northern Bangka Strait.

1156- Mark 14 torpedoes impacted Sumatran coast.

1243-Enemy Destroyer closed in but never came less than 3000 yards. Choppy seas helped mask Besugo in shallow waters. DD dropped several DC patterns.

1257 Sound contact: Warship 084 long range. Visually spotted smoke. Appears to be PC type responding to area.

1300-Multiple PC in area searching. DC explosions heard. Aircraft circled area. Moved a few thousand yards off Bangka coast NNE until dark. Moved out north of channel to surface.

1940-Surface .

2223- While exiting the minefield N of Bangka Island. Observed mine estimated 10-15 feet away. (boat dropped out of 512 time compression to 8 so figured something was up. Perhaps lucky)

2240-Set course for return to Area E4.

10 June-

0100-Sent status report.

0115-Received new orders from COMSUBSOWESPAC. Ordered to reconnoiter Bandar Seri Begawan, Borneo. Set course via Karimata Strait.

13 Jun-

0200-Attempted to infiltrate and reconnoiter harbor at Bandar Segi Berwan, Borneo. Two harbor tug boats, apparently converted to patrol craft were on patro to west and east, providing just a small gap in their coverage for Besugo to slip through. One was equipped with radar as APR-1 was picking up transmissions . A minefield previously unknown was observed, preventing entrance from the East along with the PC tug. Submerged infiltration not possible due to shallow depth and subnets. The plan was to slip into the anchorage, submerge to radar depth take photos at dawn then work way to subnet and surface to cross at high speed.

0231-Radar signals began to paint Besugo. One harbor tug type PC closed at high speed. Ordered guns manned to stand by for Battle Surface if required.

0234- Range 3400 yards AOB 15 speed 14. Depth 3. Fired Mark 27 homing torpedo, turned away at high speed.

0235-Just after firing torpedo. Spotlight of tug illuminated Besugo, and the tug opened fire with a suspected 3 inch gun forward as well as machine guns/autocannons.

All of Besugo's guns were ordered to open fire. At this time the angle essentially provided a broadside of fire from Besugo on the tug, which quickly began burning, her guns silenced. The 40 and 20 MM continued to rake the tug as we turned away. A solid five inch hit at waterline finished her off. Harbor tug boat PC (1000 tons) sunk at 5 06 N 115 04 E. Fortunately, Besugo suffered no damage in this brief but intense gun action.

0236-The other harbor type PC had managed to quickly close in on the scene as discovered he was closing from 2500 yards and opened fire on Besugo. Two splashes from her 3 inch gun forward landed within 20-30 yards of Besugo as she sped away. As suppressing fire, ordered all guns to fire during the turn. One , possibly two 5 inch round(s) appeared to hit the command deck/bridge area of the tug, which was set afire. Soon the the vessel slowed, her guns falling silent as well. Besugo's guns continued firing reducing the tug to a flaming wreck drifting astern.

0241-Massive explosion occurred on the tug, which quickly sunk. One harbor tug boat (patrol craft) estimated 1000 tons sunk at 5 05 N 115 03 E.

0242-Departed harbor, canceled reconnoiter mission. Will patrol along Area D4 along the Borneo coast for merchant traffic.

14 June22 -Patrolled along West coast of Borneo. No contacts.

22 June-

0600-Low on fuel, set course for Subic Bay.

24 June-

0700-Arrived Subic Bay.


Ships Sunk:4

6/8/45:Myoko Class Heavy Cruiser 15870 tons. Cause: MK 16 torpedoes x 2 hits.

6/5/45:Kamikaze Class Destroyer 1720 tons. Cause: Mark 27 torpedo hit disabled target, MK 18x1 sunk target in follow up attack several hours later.

6/13/45: Tug Boat (Patrol Craft) 1000 tons. Cause: Gunfire-5 inch

6/13/45:Tug Boat (Patrol Craft) 1000 tons. Gunfire-5 inch, 40 and 20 MM.

Number of Torpedo Attacks: 4

Number of gun actions:1

Torpedoes Expended:14 Mark 16 x5 Mark 14x 3 Mark 27 x 2 Mark 18 x 4
5 inch ammunition expended:31 rounds
40 MM ammunition expended:271 rounds
20MM ammunition expended:629 rounds.

Aircraft observed: None visually. Multiple SD contacts (See narrative)

Depth Charges Received: Unknown number, none close.(See narrative)

Days submerged:1

Damage to Submarine :None

Casualties: None

Deciding Factor in patrol termination: Low fuel state after extended distances traveled for special mission and high speed runs required in intercepting warships.

Comments: Short but busy patrol. New Mark 27 torpedo fired on 6/5 prevented a serious counter attack by the on rushing DD in shallow waters, likely saving Besugo from serious damage or worse. Only a high priority target would warrant such risks.

New MK 16 torpedo performance excellent, sans the circular run on 5 June.

Enemy air patrols throughout the region remain steady and a consistent threat to operations, especially in shallow waters.

Note: This simulated action is based on a real incident, referred to as "The Action of 8 June 1945". However, it was a British T-Class submarine (HMS Trenchant) which sunk the Ashigara (Myoko Class) in Bangka Straits on 8 June 1945. Many consider it one of the finest submarine torpedo shots of the war as it was from long range due to the shallow waters and minefield.US submarine Blueback, acting on an ULTRA, did attempt to attack but was never able to as Ashigara and her escorting DD( Kamikaze) proved elusive targets but passed on two contact reports which permitted the Trenchant to get into position for her famous attack. As part of my my upgrade to TMO, I placed this historical ship movement in the campaign as well as added minefields to the appropriate areas.

Visual Confirmation:


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Default 7th(final war patrol) of USS Besugo SS-321 5 July-6 August-1945

TMO 2.5 w custom mods
100 realism
contacts off, cams on (for testing purposes)

USS Besugo SS-321
7th War Patrol
5 July-6 August 1945

Complement:72 Officers and men
Torpedoes:24 MK 16 x 6 MK 14x 6 MK 18 x 10 MK 27 x 2

Departed Subic Bay, Philippines at 0900 and set course for area D1- Gulf of Siam.

Arrived in patrol area on evening of 9 July. Intelligence reports indicate what little merchant shipping Japan has left transits the costal waters. Patrol routine was to skirt the shallow areas off shore in waters deep enough to submerge in case need to dive for aircraft or other reasons and at night to make high speed sweeps along the coast.

10 July- Patrolling a pocket of "deep"(150 feet ) water just 6 miles off Thai coast in western Gulf of Siam, SJ made a lone contact. Target was a 800 ton PC type.

0921-Fired a MK 27 homing torpedo from stern tube (#10). Torpedo failed to track properly and missed.

11 July- 0500 SJ made contact on three ships. Identified as small coastal cargo boats and a daihatsu landing barge,just 6000 yards off coast. Manned guns for battle surface. Approached convoy the rear just as dawn began to break, opening fire at 0621 from 1500 yards on the daihatsu, which quickly exploded under a barrage of gunfire.

The small coastal cargo boats armed with machine guns opened fire on Besugo scoring no hits. Besugo's 5 inch 40 and 20 MM guns quickly dispatched the two small boats, both of which exploded as were likely carrying ammunition and/or fuel.

1740- While transiting east across Gulf of Siam, encountered nine fishing type boats/sampans on course 090. Approached to investigate. These boats were armed with auto-cannons and machine guns and opened fire. With guns manned, Besugo swept from rear of convoy to attack. In a two hour gun action, sunk all nine vessels in vicinity of 8 04 N 102 48 E. Several MG/AC rounds scored hits on Besugo but no damage or casualties occurred.

14 July-

1012-Fired MK 18 torpedo at an Auxillary Subchaser, torpedo missed. While at 100(bottom is 110 feet) feet and moving away bombed by an aircraft. The SC arrived in area pining but did not locate Besugo thanks to heavy seas and thermocline.

16 July-

Sunk four junks by gunfire off Cau Mau Peninsula 9 07 N 104 10 E.

17 July-

1802- SJ contact on a convoy. Three ships with six escorts. Shadowed until nightfall then moved in for night surface attack in shallow waters off Indochina coast.

2247-The screen was effective in preventing Besugo from getting into usual range of 2500 yards for firing. Targeted large freighter and mid sized freighter. Fired three MK 16 at large freighter and one at mid sized freighter from 5100 yards AOB 65.

2150-Three torpedo impacts on large freighter. Large explosions.

2151-One torpedo impact in smaller freighter.

2156- Targets believed to be HAKUSIKA MARU 8378 tons and BIYO MARU 5498 tons both sunk. 9 42 N 103 41 E

2323-Reloading bow tubes completed. SJ revealed gap in screen as one stayed behind to search area. Will attempt exploit this for an attack on large remaining freighter.

2327-APR-1 detecting radar emissions from bearing of lead escort (Mikura Class Escort Vessel)

Throughout night attempted to work into position to attack the last ship but due to effective screening and shallow depths, unable to gain position. As had to depart shallow areas to reach deeper waters by dawn, broke off attack at 0400.

20 July-

0010-ULTRA received reporting a convoy would depart Bangkok for Cape St Jacques at 0600.

0700-Besugo into position along likely route of convoy off indochina coast to make contact around noon.

1400-Besugo made SJ contact. Convoy appears ot be four large shuips in middle with 9 escorts in encircling the body of convoy. Shadowed convoy until nightfall.

2100-With moon on the starboard side of convoy, raced ahead to attack from the port side to avoid Besugo being silhouetted by the moonlight.

2101-2150-Convoy formation made difficult to get in for proper shot. Four merchants are in one single column about 1800 yards apart with nine escort type vessels encircling them at about 3000 yards. In a peculiar manner, two escorts are forming an inside screen on the flanks of the merchants, preventing a clear and close shot.

2155-Fired two Mark 16's from 4100 yards at WATANABE MARU 3800 tons.

2157-Both torpedoes impacted, freighter exploded. Quickly moved to avoid a Type D escort closing in on Besugo.

2210-With convoy somewhat scattered as three escorts remaining hunting for Besugo at scene or prior attack, worked way inside the screen and targeted a SAKITO MARU 8950 ton troopship. Target was zigging so close range shot would be required.

2234-A Type A Shimiushu Class Escort (lead escort which had lagged behind after first attack) increased to high speed to get back in front of the merchants, escort would soon be within 3000 yards.

2241-Fired four Mark 14 torpedoes at SAKITO MARU from 2100 yards.

2242-Three torpedoes hit the troopship, which slowed, and listed heavily, afire amidships. Besugo was already racing away, avoiding ships to get the deeper waters. A radar equipped Minesweeper Type escort began chasing Besugo from 4000 yards, several shells landed in wake. Soon ceased fire but continued pursuit.

2248-Avoided a large freighter and escort nearby, continued to slip out. A SEITO MARU class tanker was observed. Set up to bring stern tubes to attack but tanker spotted Besugo at 2300 yards and illuminated with spotlight, opening fire. Besugo turned west to exit the convoy and into deeper waters, under fire. Gunfire ceased but spotlight maintained lock on Besugo, apparently guiding escorts from astern, port, starboard, and most disturbingly, ahead.

2250-Best option was to try and slip past the escort closing from ahead. In case of emergency and since unable to dive in such shallow waters, ordered 5 inch, 40 and 20 MM guns manned, would as a last resort, fight out way out as the one escort was the. All bow torpedo tubes were emptied and could not be reloaded in time for a down the throat shot.

2251-APR-1 detected radar signals from ahead, this escort had Besugo locked.Realizing would not be able to slip past him, turned to present a zero angle on the bow to escort to provide narrow target at 3000 yards, Besugo closing at 21 knots.

2253-Escort illuminated Besugo with spotlight and opened fire. Ordered 5 inch and 40 MM guns to open fire. As range crew close the escort's main guns appeared unable to hit the Besugo due to close range, while some of her auto cannon/machine guns did score hits. Besugo's 5 inch gun scored 6 solid hits and numerous 40 and 20 mm hits. The escort caught fire amidships and in the game of "chicken" flinched first turning slightly to port. Besugo slid alongside at less than estimated 10-12 feet. The 20 MM gun raking the deck. Racing away the escort did not fire and slowed, unsure of the vessels fate.

With the escort eliminated, Besugo was free of the trap. The other escorts opened with with shells landing in vicinity but in the darkness lost contact. One radar equipped DE type continued pursuit for 20 minutes, then turned back.

0100-Now in deeper waters, maintaining intermittent SJ contact, torpedoes were reloaded.

0200-Regained SJ contact. Seeing a chance for one more attack before dawn, moved in, dodging escorts and a night patrol plane.

0251-SEITO MARU tanker 6500 tons was in crosshairs of aft TBT. Fired 3 MK 18 torpedoes from 3000 yards. All three hit, setting off the (apparently) fuel loaded tanker in a massive fireball and explosions. Escort at 2700 yards immediately opened fire as Besugo was now visible thanks to the star shells and light of explosion in addition to the light fog had lifted, giving the half moon lit night better visibility.

0321-Escort lost contact. Besugo set course to West then SW to clear convoy and shallows by dawn.

23 July- Sunk several armed fishing boats in gun action

24 July- Sunk small coastal cargo vessels in gun action off approached to Bangkok.

25 July-29 July-
Foul weather enveloped area.

29 July- Bombed by aircraft off Cau Mau Peninsula, minor damage.

30 July-

0821- While on patrol 5 NM off coast in Western Gulf of Siam..SJ made contact on a convoy at 11 NM. with 200 feet of water in this deep "patch" and choppy seas, opted for submerged attack. Convoy was two ships with 6-7 escorts of PC type, one Hatsutaka Minelayer was observed guarding convoys rear.

0851-Prepared to fire remaining four Mark 18 torpedoes in forward torpedo room at a large and mid sized freighter. Suddenly, pinging began. A small auxiliary PC type escort previously unobserved had closed in and was 1200 yards in Besugo's baffles. Convoy alerted slowed and ruined the set up. However, the lead freighter (BIYO MARU) was just 2000 yards. Quick plot assumed 5.5 knots zigging. Set up and fired two Mark 18's from tubes 1 and 3. After firing, ordered dive to 200 feet at flank speed, with a turn to the south. SBT-1 decoys deployed at 75 100 and 150 feet.

0853-Two torpedo impacts heard. Believe hit the lead freighter.

0854- As passed 190 feet, four depth charges (presumably from the small PC) exploded above the Besugo. No damage.

Multiple escorts closed pinging. The combination of depth charge explosions, choppy seas, thermocline located at 192 feet seemed to help besugo escape.

0908-A PC seemed to locate Besugo and came overhead, dropping 5 depth charges. Two exploded somewhat close with small leaks in pipign and air lines in conning tower and control room. after batteries took minor damage.

This PC made 3 more runs. SBT-1 decoy seemed to through her off Besugo's trail .

0918-Another PC closed in, this was presumed to be the minelayer as it passed overhead at high speed and let loose a pattern of charges. Sound of Y or K guns was heard firing. The first pattern of charges was close, badly shaking the boat and causing minor damage.

0924-0950-Two more runs were made with no damage. MS seemed to lose contact after deploying of decoy and a high speed run but it once again located Besugo and laid a pattern of charges.

0952-Charges exploded close to Besugo, damage reported. Minor flooding in control room and crew berthing, trim and hydraulic pumps damaged, batteries damaged. Continued high speed evasive movements and deployed two more decoys.

Several more runs were made by the escorts but none as close. By 1300 all was quiet. At 1400-came to periscope depth. Nothing in sighted. At radar depth, SJ sweep had one contact. Surfaced and closed to find the BIYO MARU torpedoed earlier dead in the water. Closed to finish off with deck gun, thinking it odd the ship was left there without a guard. However, a patrol could be en route so moved quickly.

Soon after SV had a contact. Aircraft observed in distance, forced to dive and move in submerged. The plane was circling the stricken freighter, which was listing to starboard and dead in water but afloat. Went to 125 feet and closed on the BIYO MARU.

1531-Came to periscope depth at 5000 yards. No aircraft detected. Scope down and depth 90 feet until reached estimated position 3000 yards off target.

1548-At periscope depth, prepared to fire when observed a large flying boat above the target, turning fast towards Besugo. Quickly fired remaining two MK 18 torpedoes from forward tubes, and ordered a dive. As passed 100 feet, two explosions occurred near Besugo's stern, no damage reported.

1550-Two torpedoes impacted. Sounds of ship breaking up. BIYO MARU sunk at 1554.

Heading south at 190 feet, several more explosions went off but not close. The plane was likely MAD equipped and following Besugo. At 1651 sounds of fast screws approaching were heard, seems a coastal patrol was called in. Evaded the vessels on silent running. Plane apparently lost contact as well.

1940-Surfaced into dusk skies. Three torpedoes left in stern tubes.2 Mark 18 one MK 27.

31 July-

0901- Encountered 8 fishing boats, all armed. These boats opened fire. In a running gun battle, sunk all boats. Exhausted 20 MM ammo aboard.

31 July-2321-Off Cau Mau Peninsula, SJ contacted a small convoy of two ships with 7 PC escorts. Night was very dark with no moon. However, the screen was such it made gaining a proper firing position difficult.

1 August-

0024-Set up on SEIA MARU 7200 tons from 3300 yards for MK 18's and on a gunboat type escort (ATAMI) with MK 27 from 2200 yards. Due to speed differential and range would fire MK 27 first.

0030-Fired MK 27 at gunboat.

0031-Fired MK 18(two) at SEIA MARU.

0033-Gunboats course and speed change caused one MK 18 (set shallow) to hit him, the gunboat was obliterated.

0034-MK 18 hit the SEIA MARU setting it afire after two large explosions.

Turned away at high speed undetected in the darkness, although the lead escort appeared to have Besugo on radar for a time as it pursued.Out of torpedoes, Besugo set course to depart area.

0039-the MK 27 apparently impacted an unknown vessel. Results unknown.

6 August-Arrived Subic Bay.

(After docking, received news the war had ended with the cut screens and video, which I do not recall seeing before.)

Probably one of my favorite careers ever in SH 4. Seven war patrols between September 1944 and August 1945.
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