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Grey Wolf
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Default [REL] NewInteriors V2.1D...

FM_NewInteriors v2.1D

Here is the latest version of the NewInteriors mod, i hope ive managed to keep that cosy/claustrophobic feeling the original Ubisoft interior models had, there is still some work to do, notably the aft torpedo room, as with any mod it is an ever evolving thing.

I have included the comprehensive readme pdf from interiors v1.0 since very little has changed.
Key commands remain the same and still include commands from DivingDucks open hatch (OH) mod.

SHIFT+F2 for free camera
SHIFT+E for dymanic free camera
SHIFT+H to open hatches
Ctrl+H to close hatches
SHIFT+O to raise observation scope (while sonar man is at station)
Ctrl+O to lower observation scope (while sonar man is at station)

As with interiors V1.0, the system requirements are higher than the stock game.
For a steady 60fps i would recommend a minimum spec of:
Win7 64bit
8Gb system ram
Any modern dx10/11 card with 1Gb ram or more.
Additionally the use of the 4Gb patch is STRONGLY advised.

changes in v2.1D
more bug fixes
corrected some of the CEs animations since i moved him when i added the bench seat.
includes damo`s atmospheric interior lighting (hence 2.1D)

changes in v2.1
numerous bug fixes
added engine room crew
added correct crew "bench" seat in control room
added helmsman

Changes in v2.0
Added forward torpedo room
fixed forward crew quarters (no more corner sofa)
added static crew
added collisions, prevents free camera from floating outside the interiors.
tweaked diesel sounds

Still to come,
aft torpedo room!

Feel free to modify as you see fit!
Happy modding!

In addition to the credits from the original interiors (see pdf),
this mod also uses textures from the Das Boot crew clothes mod (lafeeverted).
Also includes work by Damo (lighting settings for that cosy atmospheric feel)

This mod should be enabled with JSGME.


Lots of Pics...


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