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Default Current mods for SH4 UBM (updated 2 Mar 2009)


This modlist mirrors the list of mods on the Subsim SH4 U-boat Missions Add-On page of modifications for U-Boats. Modifications for SH4 V1.5-compatible U.S. Navy fleet boat operations can be found in the SH4 Mods Workshop )

This list is under construction, so please feel free to PM me with a link to a release thread so I can add it here. Thanks!

Please remember, only mods that address U-Boats or U-Boat Campaigns will be posted here.




U-boat Missions Pack (UBM) by Syxx Killer



Rank, Uniform, and Insignia Mod (RUIM) by John W. Hamm, Leonidas, and Conus00
Radio Köln by tei


Minor speech fix by ATR-42
Spax's German Speech Sound Fix by ATR-42 and Spaxspore



Torpedo Loadout Editor for U-boats (WIP) by bratwurstdimsum
Type VIIC/41 U-boat (Beta) by Tomi_099
Enable Starting Type XVIII U-boat in Career by Zantham
Kriegsmarine AOB finder by Mikhayl



Atlantic Campaign for SH4 by Beltza & Co.
Operation Monsun by lurker_hlb3


(these can work with Fleet Boat or U-boat Campaigns)

Environmental 5.0 by W_clear
Pacific Environments 4 by Kriller_2

(these can work with Fleet Boat or U-boat Campaigns)

Trans-Atlantic Radio mod by "Zoo Keepers Modding Team" (Ubi Forums)


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Not to forget the gr8 Soundmod by Paulsen, found here:

installed after Spax it makes you feel like in the movie.

I'll delete the post as soon as you take it into your list.
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Whack-a-spam ho! Post reported.

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Originally Posted by ETR3(SS) View Post
Whack-a-spam ho! Post reported.
Good job, thanks!
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Default dont forget us

My brother Bishop and I have been working on and playing a new MOD for multiplayer. we have built an environment/upgrade MOD for sh4 1.5 and have tested it with stock sh4 1.5 multiplayer with no problems. In another MOD pack we have 8 surface ships Battleships, Heavy Cruiser, Light Cruiser, Destroyer, and a PT Boat. all work in multiplayer. Im always game for a multiplayer matchup and i suggest you try using tunngle. read up on it. and heres the download

also here is some links to media and the mod packs built by Bishop and I here

last link is for the packs.

hope to sail with you all soon.
Our Mod is not for jsgme since we believe that it doenst work as some believe it does. once you enable a mega mod with jsgme your core game is altered and you will NOT be able to play with others online. you will drop out of game. our mod should be done as a game overwrite. extract the rar and drag & drop the silent hunter folder into your ubisoft folder and click yes to overwrite and merge. mega mods are fun but only good for single player or multiple installs. if you have installed any mega mod "Fall of the rising sun" ect you will have to reinstall SH4 before you will be able to play with others online, unless they are also using the same mod you are. To repeat, "Our mod is totally compatible with stock SH4 1.5" You WILL be able to play with anyone using this mod or stock SH4 1.5. Enjoy the new stuff and see yas soon on the open seas. PS the ship pack is for jsgme enabling one by one. You can use multiple ships at a time just make sure you enable all the ships your buds are using, then the one YOU want to use LAST. the "DDenvironment" pack is a game overwrite. check us out for multiplayer games @
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Old 09-28-2013, 04:36 AM   #6
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I tried both ways and I still get "unknown error" when I attempt to activate.
I was able to download a new copy of the SH4 U Boat Missions from Gamefly and verify my key.
I have requested help from Ubi customer support but have not heard back from them yet.
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