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Originally Posted by VAseMkIII View Post
Zee its great to see that you are still working away on TvT, with regards to the performance issues one test that might be worth doing is replacing the the new models in a scenario with stock models from the original, all of the stock models have at least two or three LOD levels in them.

You could compare the FPS hit between the two, my suspiscion is a lack of LOD in the new Models and the fact that there is no 0 LOD ie not drawn in the engine, all of the new models are being drawn at full bore all the time, which is killing the FPS. It might be an Idea to see if you could implement a 0 LOD function as this would greatly enhance FPS, the real killer for the game is there is no occlusion in it either

Just a sugestion to try thats all

I have also found that the less errors, be they red or yellow, there is in the execution HTML file the better the game runs too.
Been there done that VAseMKIII, but as you know there is still work to be
done on my models both in the area of LOD and Damage Model. However
if you where to compare the difference in error messages from the Default
install you would notice a dramatic improvement. But you may be unaware
that many of the new messages are deliberately added to the code for debug purposes.

So, from my perspective the old models where never good and the new models are here to stay, I'm happy to report.

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Old 05-03-2012, 04:38 AM   #32
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Dude you missed my point totally, I was not suggesting you replace the new models, just merely suggesting undertaking a test to see if there was a marked frame rate increase, by employing models with LODs in a known sceanrio so you can get a comparison between the two. This would give an indication of how effective the LODs are at improving the frame rates.

With regards to the debug logging, it might be an idea to switch it off when you shipp the code to the guys or tell them how to switch it on/off cause this will have an impact on how the game performs too.

I noticed you got the wingman code working did you get this from Fairstrike/Wov cause they use exactly the same engine as TvT
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Old 06-05-2013, 08:47 AM   #33
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where can i find the download link?
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