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Default Help with TMO

Hello everyone I am rather new but I have installed TMO with RDRC campaign and everything works fine until I return to harbor I dock and the game crashes .Every time I have tried to dock same thing could anyone help me?
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Hi Petrouvis,

the cause for a crash like this is a long story I'm afraid, it mostly has to do how you manage your savegames and how you save the game. Then, the cause can be that your TMO mod is not correctly installed. Here some important points to check:

When starting a new career in SH4, you better wipe your entire savegame folder before in order to delete remaining files that can interfere with your mod. After wiping the folder you need to set again grafic settings in-game etc.
You also need to do this everytime you change your modlist in JSGME, your existing savegames will NOT be compatible with other mod setups in most cases.

Do always save the game with a fresh name, don't use autosaves, don't overwrite saves

If you want to delete saves, use the 'Save game' in the menu which gives you the option to delete saves, don't delete saves in the Windows Explorer.

Don't save the game with airplanes nearby, and preferably not during a battle with enemies nearby, but better save the game in a neutral situation for you with no ships nearby.

Do not ALT-TAB out of the game to Windows desktop, this should not cause game crashes, but your current session will show errors of all kinds, and you would need to reload game to correct.

5) Is your mod correctly installed?
Read the mod install instructions carefully and know how JSGME works. For TMO, please read here for some example installations that will avoid problems:

I hope this helps,
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Thank you very much for helping I will follow these advices and try to fix it
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