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Originally Posted by Jean Led View Post
So I have LSH 3 and this mod installed (only these two) and I dont have a statometer anymore.

I only have access to the RAOBF wheel, this alone wouldnt bother me but the distance calculation on this RAOBF seem flawed ( I checked several time, but only with the same ship, so maybe the mast height value arent accurate for that specific cargo ship)

I have no clue if I should ask this here, but I'm a noob here

So is it normal that I dont have a statometer? And that the range value in raobf are not correct? (x6 periscope)
Or stadimeter?… there is no stadimeter in SH3 …
As for RAOBF, forget about it… historically there was no RAOBF in WW2 periscopes

Distances are not important in a torpedo solution … except to get the chrono torpedo impact estimation.
With some practice, you will be good enough to visually estimate the target distance, even if it’s wrong by few hundred meters… no big deal.
Important factor number one is speed, then AOB.

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