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Default U-51 and historically correct U-69 Tower Emblem for TWoS


today I released a merge of my two graphic mods U-51 tower skin "Atje and Bambo" ( and historically correct tower skin of U-69 ( for TWoS.

U-51 tower skin "Atje and Bambo" is in this release not an exchange of a present skin. It is a new one to choise in upgrade menu of Type VIIB. The emblem "Atje and Bambo" can be also used just as tower emblem only.

The download can be found here:

I change next the skin the following files and add this lines:


 UpackCoating13-Notes=*edit of flag colors by GrenSo in May 2021

UpackCoating17-Name=U-51-Atje and Bambo - by GrenSo
UpackCoating17-Info=*works only for Enlarged typ VIIB Conning Tower and Type VIIB Tower Version II||Commanders(s):|Kptlt. Ernst-Günter Heinicke 6 Aug. 1938 - Aug. 1939|Kptlt. Dietrich Knorr 15 Jan 1940 - 20 Aug. 1940|Laid Down: 26 Feb 1937 - F. Krupp Germaniawerft AG, Kiel|Commissioned: 10 Aug. 1940|Fate: Sunk on 20 Aug, 1940 in the Bay of Biscay, in position 47.06N, 04.51W by a torpedo from the British submarine HMS Cachalot. 43 dead no survivors.
UpackCoating17-Notes=7th Flottille: 6 Aug. 1939 - 20 Aug. 1940|Career considted of 4 Patrol.

UpackEmblem6-Name=Atje and Bambo (U-51)


[UpgradePack 227];                                                U-51
 ID= UpackCoatingVIIBCamoD
FunctionalType= UpFTypeCoating
UpgradePackSlotType= Type7BCoating
UnitUpgradePackIntervalOptionCurrent= NULL, NULL, 0
UnitUpgradePackIntervalOptions1=NULL, NULL, 400
IDLinkUpgradePackElements= EqpCoatCamoD

[UpgradePack 228];                                                U-51 Emblem only
ID= UpackEmblem6
Info=U-51 was a Type VIIB U-Boat
Notes=U-51 made 4 war patrols with the 7th Flotilla and sunk 6 ships for a total of 31,020 GRT. She was lost on 20 August 1940 in the Bay of Biscay west of St. Nazaire, in position 47.06N, 04.51W, by a torpedo from the British submarine HMS Cachalot. There were no survivors.| |mady by GrenSo
FunctionalType= UpFTypeEmblem
UpgradePackSlotType= UboatEmblems
UnitUpgradePackIntervalOptionCurrent= NULL, NULL, 0
UnitUpgradePackIntervalOptions1=1939-09-01, NULL, 100
IDLinkUpgradePackElements= EqpEmblem6


 [Equipment 206]
NameDisplayable= Atje and Bambo (U-51)
FunctionalType= EqFTypeCoating
EquipmentInterval= NULL, NULL
Hitpoints= 10000
DamageDescription1= NULL,    0,    1,    0,    1,    1,    invulnerable,        0,    0,    NULL,    0,    1,    1

data\Menu\Pages\Page WeaponsAndSensors.ini

 @[G4E I26]

 Mat 59=data/menu/skins/german/gui/upgrade/
Crop 59=0,0.867188,0.390625,0.132813

@[G4E I41]

 Mat 59=data/menu/skins/german/gui/upgrade/
 Crop 59=0,0,1,0.859375

At the moment I have to change only two things in future for U-51:
1. exception to use U-51 tower skin for standard tower of Type VIIB (without flag gun)
2. working preview image in upgrade window

I hope someone can help me to do this two things.

v1.0 - tower skin "Atje and Bambo" of U-51 for TWoS
v1.1 - add my mod of historically correct flags of Tower Emblem of U-69
v1.2 - add preview picture for U-51 in upgrade screen
v1.3 - add "Atje and Bambo" of U-51 as tower emblem only
v1.4 - extended explanation text of U-51 tower emblem only
Attached Images
File Type: jpg U-51 Tower Emblem.jpg (66.1 KB, 213 views)
File Type: jpg U-51_preview.jpg (22.1 KB, 220 views)
File Type: jpg U-51.jpg (44.3 KB, 233 views)
File Type: jpg U-69.jpg (46.6 KB, 231 views)
Best regards,

“Mankind must put an end to war, or war will put an end to mankind.” - J.F.K.

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