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Steel Fury: Missions for the Panzer 38(t)

Hello there!

Have you been hankering for action-packed tank missions, and dare I say it, a tank campaign featuring the famous Panzer 38(t)? Then, this is your happy day!

Kyth Mission 2_01

In this semi-historical scenario, a new offensive has just kicked off in Crimea. Now it's time for 22nd Panzer (that's you) to play a crucial part in the opening battles. Try not to screw up (heh heh heh)!

Download the mission!

And don't forget to add in this line to your user_camp.engcfg file:

KY2_01, txt_mc_mymission2_1, 1, 0, Back_KY201.jpg, txt_cit_02, 20, txt_history_ky2, trappenjagd, levels\levels\cm_users\KY2_01.level;

Other Installation requirements:

The following mods are required to run these missions:
i. Steel Panzer Mod v1.5 (beta)
ii. SPM1.5 beta fix
iii. Unofficial Patch SF v0.1
iv. SPM1.5 NTA 1.3 or SPM1.5 NTA1.4 (choose either one)
v. Popgunsv2 (highly recommended)
The ***8220;Popguns mod***8221; can be downloaded here:

and activated / deactivated separately using JSGME. It's a modified common_res.engcfg file, based on 'NTA 1.4'.

Alternatively, you may want to change the following lines manually in the 'shells()' section:

PZGR(t)umg_37,0x01,%SHELL_AP%,KWK38(t)L/42,750,42,0.7,0.1,0,1,1,0,0.82,0.008,0.3,8,1,1,0.1 ,0,1,1,1,expl_gndl*,expl_techl*,expl_buildl*,expl_ water*,expl_human*,fly1,0,1500,1,txt_shell_pzgr(t) _37,ap_expl_pat,rico_pat,piece_pat,0,1,1,1,1,0xfff f4040,2,1,14,SHELL_MED,SHELLC_MED;

PZGR_50,0x01,%SHELL_AP%,KWK38,683,40,0.7,0.1,0,1,1 ,0,2.06,0.01,0.2,8,1,1,0.1,0,1,1,1,expl_gndl*,expl _techl*,expl_buildl*,expl_water*,expl_human*,fly1, 0,1500,1,txt_shell_pzgr_50,ap_expl_pat,rico_pat,pi ece_pat,0,1,1,1,1,0xffff4040,3,1,21,SHELL_MED,SHEL LC_MED;

(We hope all this extra stuff can be included in the next update to SPM.)

Good Luck!

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