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Default [WIP] Mega-Mod for SH5

Magnum Opus v0.0.1 (BETA version for testing/feedback purposes)

This mod is a compilation of the 'great work' of SH5.

To install:
Unzip to desktop and open folder. Open folder 'MODS'. Copy folder 'Magnum_Opus_vx_x_x' to your \Silent Hunter 5\MODS folder. Enable via JSGME.
NOTE: if you want to install a scope mod then open the folder 'Magnum_Opus_Scopes (do not enable - read)' and read the text file 'How_to_enable_a_scope_mod'

Magnum Opus consists of mods from the following authors:
TheDarkWraith, W_Clear, Sober, Conus00, SteelViking, ddrgn, Arclight, Trevally, Krauter, Abd_von_Mumit, Oby, Vickers03, Heretic, Athlonic, stoianm, thfeu58, avee, Cerberus62, Ailantd, KarlKoch, Heretic, ACSoft, Magnum, Vikinger, Makman94, toniloCoyote, Illyustrator

Optional mods:

Realize that I have to edit some of these mods to make them compatible with the others. I also have edited some of them to my liking thus they may appear just slightly different from their stand-alone mod.

For those wanting to increase the difficulty you'll need to enable the add-on mods from my UIs mod (real navigation, no contact colors, no contact tails, etc.). Although it is setup for the complete beginner to use the AI difficulty might be too much for the beginner. You can adjust the AI difficulty by editing the following file \data\Scripts\AI\init.aix.

I find great enjoyment using it as it is now. It's a challenge to play and all the visual enhancements are awesome to look at on screen

What other mods do you all recommend I look into for this?

Current bugs/problems:
- Oil slicks might be standing on end for some users. Not sure why this is happening either (from FX Update part of mod)

v0.0.1 available here:

NOTE: this is a BETA version for testing and feedback purposes!

Patch 2 (EVERYONE needs this patch even those just downloading the mod for the first time!):

Patch 2 is to be installed IN PORT only! To avoid CTDs: after applying the patch start the game and load career. When in bunker save career. Exit game. Restart game. Continue playing

Patch 2 fixes the following bugs/problems and adds the following:
- fixed problem of missing dialog items in crew dialog boxes
- added Heretic's less annoying footsteps
- fixed bug of not being able to move mission map when requesting new mission after returning from previous mission
- fixed bug of timers not working correctly after requesting new mission after returning from previous mission
- fixed some other errors dealing with campaign
- fixed bug of TAI map, heading bar, and messagebox not starting in expanded modes if set in user options in campaign mode
- fixed bug of messagebox not remembering it's status (expanded or collapsed) when TC level causes it to change state
- added the ability for ships to send out radio messages when they have spotted a sub/periscope
- added the ability for ships to send out radio messages when they are destroyed/sinking
- added a new user option that specifies the maximum distance at which a ship can start looking for you for purposes of firing off a radio message. Default value is 8000m (RangeShipSendingSubSightedMessage)
- updated scope mods with information/files from Trevally and toniloCoyote


v0.0.5 is currently in the works and should be releasing soon.

Note: if you are upgrading from a previous version of the mod or are applying a patch that changes the user options file then don't forget to use the OptionsMigrater app to migrate your old options file to your new options file (\data\Applications)

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