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Default [REL] Lite campaign LC

Edit2 / updated whit new version.

Lite campaign LC 1.2

Bugzilla sneaked into the files.
The tsr file for campaign Happy times had original values.
The text is now changed to better reflect your goals.
If you are in a middle of a campaign , Install this only when you are in subpen before you go on a new patrol for the changes to take effect.

Edit1 / updated whit new version that corrects Blockad of germany so you actually get a hint what to look for.

Lite campaign LC 1.1

Hi folks.

I know that a mod was recently released in same genre by L3TUC3.
But since i also worked on it i release my part.

Its allways good whit versitality

Lite Campaign LC 1.0
Install: use JSGME.
In every folder under data/campaigns/campaignprojects/xxxxx
Is a change log file where you can se the changes that have been done for each campaign

This mod change every campaigns goals aproximity by 50-60%. except for the tutorial mission.

1. Tonnage missions is changed/lowerd

2. Number of ships to sink is changed/lowerd

3. Tonnage to save/protect is changed/lowerd

4. Germany victory goals is changed/lower by 1 points on all campaigns. But you still need full stars/points for a full victory.

5. 4 bugs is fixed. Iam not sure if thos affected the game it self but it was inconsequences in some files.

6. An easter egg is thrown in but its up to you to find it

Specific target missions, Like sink 1 carrier is unchanged.

Tested and confirmed to work. But my suggestion is that you use this mode on a new campaing or when you start a new game.
If you use it in a middle of a campign it can result is some inconsequences where the goals is not updated properly according to the new changes.

example in the change log for the campaing; Distant Waters.

You only need 7 out of 10 victory points to be succesful for the campaing ( default was 8 ).
But still need 10 for a majorvictory.
Mission: South america supplies
Sink 75.000 grt (default was 150.000)
Sink 3 liberty ship (default was 5)

Mission: Cape town supplies.
Sink 75.000 grt (default was 150.000)
Sink 2 trooptransporters. (defualt was 3)
Mission: Caribbean sea
Sink 100.000 grt (default was 200.000)
Sink 3 tankers (default was 5)

Mission: tonnage war.
Sink 150.000 grt (defualt was 300.000)


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