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Silent Hunter 5 Tactics & Tips - "How do I?" & FAQ! READ IF YOU ARE STUCK

I've been seeing a lot of good info about the in various threads, ie, where to check the fuel and battery levels, how to change realism settings before a campaign mission, how to use the deck gun optics.

If you see any good FAQ and info about the game please post here. It won't hurt if we have some duplicates, but please don't clutter the thread with discussion. thanks! We'll get us some real good FAQ going.

If you are having trouble getting started in the campaign, here is a walkthrough of mission on and getting a new mission.

Silent Hunter V Campaign Intro & Tips
Includes Docking, Dropping off Spies, Wearing ladies shoes and more!

If you don't have the game, I suggest not reading this if you like to discover these things yourself.

Q: How to use deck gun optics?
From Mookie: Upper left hand corner of the deck gun view. There's a button for the optic view.

How to aim torpedoes discussion.

Problem 1: Sometimes the player can remain stuck between collision boxes and cannot move anymore
Workaround: By pressing SHIFT+U player will be repositioned in the command room (or bridge) of the submarine. Is handy for getting off the deck gun when under fire but isn't very realistic.

Problem: I have the following issues with my ATI 4870 card: No water is rendered in-game or in the museum. Tooltip text is rendered on a white background, making it almost impossible to read. My view is frozen when I try to move through the sub, and I cannot look around when I have the right mouse button pressed down. My video card drivers are up to date, and I've tried a variety of graphics settings. So, how do I fix this?

Solution: That's not a graphics card issue - that's a corrupted install. Reinstalling did the trick for him, should work for you.
Yep, it did. I also disabled my AVG antivirus software during the reinstall, and now (so far) all is good.

From Mookie:
CCIP's Command Keys mod - really helps ease the transition for SH3/SH4 vets:

Hit the ESC key while you're in the sub pen and you can change all of your realism settings before setting out on patrol. Once you have a target locked in your peri/UZO view, you can turn the TDC on/off by just telling your IWO to do so.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that the shadows are big FPS killers. I've turned my down and I did notice an improvement.

New TDC tips: The TDC in the traditional sense is gone....meaning that you won't be turning dials (I know, I know...a step backwards). He's going to say "I see a unidentified freighter on bearing 45, range 2000 meters travelling 10 knots with an angle on bow of 35 starboard."
You have to click the underlined items and fill them in with ID book, stadimeter and AOB readings or you can hand input them by clicking on the number and entering new numbers.

When you install the game, you get a choice of German or English voices. To switch, you need to reinstall or you can add them manually from the game disc.
SilentHunter 5\data\LngGameData\Voices\German\data\movies
SilentHunter 5\data\LngGameData\Voices\German\data\sound
Just copy them over to the right location.

Returning to home port: Always check where your small blue port symbol is. That's where you are supposed to go home. I also returned to Kiel and then the next mission began out of Wilhelmshaven. I guess Doenitz moved my sub while I was in the bar.

If you are returning to port after finishing a patrol, and you cannot get the "Dock" icon to appear, so you can end patrol, hit SHIFT Z and toggle the UI and it will appear.

It may be necessary to toggle the interface with Shift Z to get the anchor icon to appear. the anchor never appeared until I was completely in the pen I hit Shift Z and it appeared.

Index for previous stickied topics:
[LOOK[ HOW TO START A CAMPAIGN: Sober's ultimate tutorial thread[LOOK]

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