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Default All this sub chatter on the webz lately

I've lost all control of my wallet today. I purchased Wolfpack, Silent Hunter IV and Cold Waters today. Seems the internet has been abuzz with subsim stuff going on and I haven't been in a subsim in over a decade.

Looking forward to meeting more people here in the subsim community.


Kiloton (Kilo)
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Wolfpack-BdU Staff
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Hi Kilo42 Welcome to Subsim it would be a good idea to download Discord then register join Subsim and Wolfpack rooms join with same name Kilo42 then Subsim Members can find you.
Subsim Discord as Wolfpack rooms for different groups playing Wolfpack with voice chat all you need is a headset.

Wolfpack is unlike any other Uboat sim that as gone before but its up there with the best of them and now you have purchased it theres nothing more to pay no matter how many more updates come out.

When I purchased Wolfpack I just I downloaded the Wolfpack Manual read it then fired it up mastered the diving station filling the ballast tanks then switching to electrics .
Then setting dive planes 10° down bubble on both bow and stern then I went to the negative tank filled it to 2.5 then released 99.9% of the water just leaving the needle a quater between 0 and the first mark when I went back to the dive station U-96 was at 22mtrs moved dive planes 10° up bubble then leveled her off when we reached 13mtrs.
Playing Wolfpack on your own is a tall order for you can be in two places at once but dont let that put you off.
I have Played Wolfpack with just two of us in the Uboat me on the Helm/rudder and dive station Nocken on the attack scope and TDC
and we have done ok in the missions we have played we have sunk 24k-59k sometimes un dectected other times mr escort comes sniffing n pinging us we dived and slipped away.

the graphics are crisp and nice and the sound is top dollar when a torpedo is fired and you look at the TDC it tells you time to target 4.42 seconds then you fire two more eels at two other targets then at 4.42 seconds nothing then at 4.48 seconds a muffled boom rumberling and echoing then you hear creeking and cracking as bulkheads collapse then a sinking report flashes up on top left of your screen 8244/30000 then just as your taking that info in another hit followed by another one then in a short while after a tonage update flashes up 32246/30000 mission complete quit or continue you have sunk a large merchant a large tanker and a three funneled linner.
and you have eleven eels left rack em up buddie

ill be on Discord Saturday evening from 20:00 -02:00am gmt

Also His Nibs Onkel Neal Stevens Subsims Topman A all round good egg he's always hosting Wolfpack training sessions

Wolfpack Manual Download

Solution Solver 2.3.2 is a nice tool to have that works outside of Wolfpack you just have to Alt-Tab out of Wolfpack Download link below

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Onkel Neal
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Hi Kilo, thanks for the great initial message. I hope you enjoy Wolfpack, be sure to watch the scheduling forum for some good players to crew with.
Would you like to join my Wolfpack crew? Friend me on STEAM, my username is SUBSIM.
Good hunting and don't forget to close the hatch!

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u crank
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Welcome to SubSim Kilo42.

You are definitely in the right place.
In framing a government which is to be administered by men over men, the great difficulty lies in this: You must first enable the government to control the governed; and in the next place, oblige it to control itself.

James Madison

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