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Get ready for a whole new level of realism!
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KSD II Adversaries

Based on vanilla Silent Hunter 4

More than 1000 battle scenarios in a historically based german campaign.
350+ ships from more than 40 countries-participants of the WWII
Realistic combat capabilities for all submarines included: IIB, VIIB, VIIC, VIIC41, IXB, IXC, IXC/40, IXD2 and the mighty type XXI.
German crew voiceover.
RAOBF, attack disc and other devices used by real u-boat captains.
Unique UI for submarines and playable surface ships.

New multiplayer mode which allows players to control either a submarine or a group of destroyers.

Game contents:
KSD II v. 1.14
Patches v.1.0 - 1.5 (+fixes)
KSDII New interface 1.4.1
TTC mast UK-US fleet for KSD-II_1.14
U-Boot Multiplayer 4.78 AD realistic for KSD-II_1.14
New Environment for KSDII Ver.1.4.1

11 gb of disk space is required for installation.
Installation time: less than 20 minutes (may vary depending on your configuration)


SH4.exe file is missing in this mod due to Ubisoft`s anti-piracy protection system.
To launch the game you must copy sh4.exe from a licensed copy of Silent Hunter 4 (UPLAY ONLY version) into the root folder of KSD II Adversaries.

Game launch time - 1-2 minutes.
In-game museum launch time up to 7 minutes.
If you run into performance problems, run sh4.exe in windows 7 compatibility mode.
If the museum works correctly, you have done everything right.


Knights of the Sea Depths II
Author and producer
Anatoliy "brat-01"

Producer s assistants
Dmitriy "Dmitrich"

KSD II ADVERSARIES author and producer
Alexandr "Alx Novoros"

New TTС Submarine mod author

New interface mod creator
Egor "Vivens"

New Environment mod creator
Alexandr "Coba_83"

U-boot multiplayer mod creator
Alexandr "Alx Novoros"

Language support & artwork producer
Anton "Erwin the Fox"

Technical consultants
Andrey "Anvar1061"
Alexey "LUKNER"

google_disk KSD II Adversaries GE

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Location: Russia
Posts: 192
Downloads: 55
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Fellow captains!

I am excited to hear that this game has impressed you so much. It is a result of work of many like-minded men. We had an idea of a game that would unite all the submariners into one large community.
Right now it is all ready for you to play multiplayer missions – all together as a wolfpack or against each other in a team-versus-team matches.
Our work doesn`t stop here, though. Our next goal is to re-introduce the american submarines in the "USS addon", so you can play them in multiplayer as well.

I have to admit that my english is rather terrible. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
However, I happened to meet Erwin the fox, a good assistant of mine, and he is better at it for sure, so if you bump into some trouble, feel free to contact him at our Discord channel:


Here you can chat, upload screenshots of your battle feats, schedule streams and arrange multiplayer matches as well.

To launch the game you need to copy SH4.exe from UPLAY version of the game. If you are having any trouble with it, you can ask me for help by PM only discord.

I have heard that some people had their games being installed incompletely. This may occur because I have set the file compression to maximal. I will look for an alternative methods of sharing the game, but for now you have to pay attention to the file sizes:

Total disk space required – 11.1 Gbytes 11,0 GB (11 910 688 565 bytes)
SH4.exe = 2,18 MB (2 293 384 b)

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