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Default [REL] OMA (Operation Monsun Automation)

OMA: Operation Monsun Automation (rev01)

Rather than a final product, this is more like a 1st step towards automation options in Operation Monsun

  • The idea behind this package is getting rid of repetitive, monotonous tasks
  • This initial release (rev01) has only two keys defined and automates only one task so far; it helps transferring Crew Bridge from Standard Stations (Bridge) to Battle Stations (Crew Berthing) and vice versa
  • This is done with a single key combination and another key combination is used to reverse this
  • Script provides the coordinates and then proceeds with drag-n-drop operations; if your screen res is not 1920x1080 it won't work. You can download the package and edit the code to match your screen res.
  • I intend to add other time saving stuff, hence the name
  • I am releasing early with the code, if anyone wants to modify in any way, they can using the code & notepad & autohotkey online documentation.
  • Some modification ideas: adjusting to different screen resolutions (I have this on 1920x1080), replacing key combinations, adding another automated task/keycombo etc.
  • Similar to my other minimods I only create what I need in my game and publish it in case someone else want the same features. I try providing information/code to make it easier for any modifications.

  • Key Combination 1: CTRL+[ transfers Bridge Crew from StandardStation-to-BattleStation
  • Key Combination 2: CTRL+] key combination transfers Bridge Crew from BattleStation-to-StandardStation.

  1. I am planning adding some stuff for semi-auto managing waypoints as it is taking a lot of time in my patrols.
  2. Another thing I need is auto-cruise-mode, which when enabled will command your sub to travel to destination without user input, ducking/silent running when necessary so that I can keep reading stuff or browsing on the other PC while leaving things to 1WOs capable hands. Having said that this clearly is much more complicated that two simple key combinations so I need to check what I can do with how much effort, so not a promise but just something I wish to do if possible with reasonble effort.
  3. If anyone knows some mod pieces that can help this please share. Also if you have any ideas on any other enhancements or more repetitive tasks that could be eliminated please post.

As you can judge from the size of the script this is not a derivative work of any kind. Still it took a few hours to figure and manually tweak coordinate maps though.

Method 1 (exe only method)
  1. Download the full package
  2. Copy .exe file into your Silent Hunter 4 directory (or into any directory)
  3. Launch this .exe (before or after SH4.exe, does not matter), it should place an icon in system tray
  4. Go to SH4, test key combinations

Method 2 (ahk method - with full AutoHotkey program)
  1. Download the full package
  2. Download and install free software AutoHotKey.
    AutoHotkey is a free, open source macro-creation and automation software utility that allows users to automate repetitive tasks.
    ( )
  3. Copy .ahk file into your Silent Hunter 4 directory (or into any directory).
  4. Launch this .ahk file by double clicking, it should place an icon in system tray
  5. Go to SH4, test key combinations


  • Please feel free to repost to downloads section if you can (because I cannot).
  • File Factory is a free hosting provider. Scroll to the bottom of the page, prompts for spam protection (captcha) words, once you pass that, it displays a 30 seconds counter but eventually you should be able to download it..

  • Current drag-n-drop speed is really slow, it is configured with Speed=n line in the script but decreasing the speed causes problems with rightmost guys (they don't get to be transferred properly).
  • One way around this could be subdividing drag-n-drop operation, using a much faster parameter (like 17 or 18) for the leftmost guys, something in the middle for guys in the middle of each row, and keep the current slow speed for leftmost guys.
  • Another feature idea could be adding man the flakgun option which I believe is not implemented in OM due to crew brething feature
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6 years on, as expected, download link is dead.... Someone just asked for this file in a PM, I found it in the depths of my home file server and re-uploaded, in case anyone else would like to give it a try.

New download links as of 13th March 2018.
Download Link #1:
Download Link #2:

File checksum info
File: OMA_rev01.7z
CRC-32: 6c8f8932
MD4: 27ef8b417c54169f695c39e5cd4ec4c6
MD5: 298883e574ca8cfefca0c9aaef06bf60
SHA-1: ba05899dd2359a904ba8cb0b173181e567c3f25e
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Holy crap thank you I always needed this in my life.
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