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Grey Wolf
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Default Silent Service 2- Amiga version on PC

My first subsim and for back then, it rocked. The PC version was sorely lacking by comparison.

Many of the things you see in the SH series came from SS2. The control bar across the bottom of the screen using a mouse being one of them.

So now I found a free amiga emulator geared towards games, and a free downloadable version of SS2. I'm going to have to give this a try.
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Pacific Thunder
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Have fun!

I still have some NES & SNES Emulators, and many ROM's including 'Silent Service.nes'. I never saw SS2 for the NES or SNES.

With any emulator the ROM's are the hardest thing to find.

Luckily I loaded up back in the 90's from some News-feeds I accessed with a Feed reader called, 'Agent'. All this was on dial-up.

I regret not loading up on Amiga ROM's or a good Amiga emulator. I can't count the number of times I scrolled past both Silent Service 1 & 2 for the Amiga. ...... At the time I saw this as no big deal because I was just beginning to get into Silent Hunter I (my first computer Sub sim).

Who knew that all these old games would get a second life on modern devices, and that there would be a crack down on the 'free' ROM's.
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