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Originally Posted by El Whacko View Post
I understand your point, but wouldn't you say that in the current state America is in now that basically anything that makes top headlines would have some politics involved? I would say it would be virtually impossible for either political party to not say anything about the case since it is SO important to the American people and thus can be used as a weapon against either political party.

I don't think that the Democrats would try and rig the election since they already have the majority of the black community behind their backs and Derek Chauvin was guilty (that was gonna be the outcome of the trial- with or without perjury or whatever claims Chauvin's lawyer has made), they would be smart enough to not try and do something bad so they can't get something they already have.

Overall, what's the point of rigging the jury when you already have the majority of the black community behind your back?
Except they *don't* have the majority of the black community behind them. Go into those cities where antifa and BLM rioters destroyed businesses and ask the black owners of those businesses if they support antifa and BLM.

Go into those cities where black, white, asian (or really any ethnic background) people live in fear of other black people and ask if they want more or less police presence.

This was a show trial in a kangaroo court with a predetermined outcome. The jury was not sequestered. At least one juror perjured himself. The trial venue was not changed. Media was allowed to engage in circus side show antics. Politicians interjected themselves in *the process*. The city paid off the family even before the trial occurred.

This isn't jury nullification where jurors purposely find a defendant not guilty because they don't believe that the law is fair. This was jury tampering/jury fixing to ensure a guilty verdict for crimes that Chauvin didn't actually meet the legal definition of having committed.
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