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Default [REL] Large Optics for TDW UIs

Hello fellow subsimers!

Real life gone and took me away from SH5 and this wonderful community for a good 1.5 years, but now I'm hopefully coming back to play and mod SH5. And I bring a little present

Large Optics for TheDarkWraith's NewUIs v 7.4.2
Version 1.0


This mod provides larger (thus more accurate) oculars for your binoculars, UZO and periscopes. Arclight's scopes were always my choice for TDW's UIs, since they resemble the actual graticules that can be seen described in various reports. But I always felt kind of limited with those tiny oculars. After all, our discrete image on screen is nowhere near what could be seen through real optics, so why limit yourselves further by decreasing visible area? Thus I went and created this mod

Binoculars and periscopes have markings utilizing milliradians system (if you don't know what that is, see "Range estimation" below). Thus RAOBF markings are disabled: use scope's markings instead.
UZO does not have any markings at all, except vertical bearing line (and stock game's waterline).

There are no "scratches" on the images. Reason being that if your lens or ocular is scratched, you won't actually see anything useful.

Binoculars are huge After all, it's a commander's 8x (largest magnification amongst all optical devices on your boat), 7.1 degree field of view piece, your main means for observation at surface. Very helpful if you have IRAI installed, because you now can take your readings before those pesky destroyers spot you Vertical field of view is somewhat limited due to clipping, but do you really want to marvel at those airplanes heading your way when you should already be under? There's also no magical bearing indicator. Use binoculars for observation/range estimation and UZO if you need accurate bearing readings.

Due to scaling, RAOBF gets clipped a little at the top and bottom. Personally, I don't see this as a huge problem since markings for 90, 100, 110 and 120 at the top are still visible, and measurement markings at the bottom are used extremely rarely, if at all.

This mod is best used with:
  • TDW's "Toggle Marking Lines" code patch installed
  • HideTDCDialsWhenUsingRAOBF option set to True in file
  • gap's HD 1 deg Scope Bearing v 1.0 mod

Range estimation

Binoculars and scopes have milliradian scales that allow to estimate/measure distances: "10" on the attack scope corresponds to "100" on the observation scope and represents roughly 100 milliradians (~5.73 degrees at low power magnification, at high power it's 4 times less: 25 milliradians or ~1.43 degrees).
One large mark on the binoculars represents roughly 10 milliradians (~0.573 degrees).
The markings are used as follows: given a target of height H that takes up M markings, its range R can be calculated:

R = H*k/M
where k is:
  • 100 for attack scope low power and binoculars
  • 400 for attack scope high power
  • 1000 for observation scope low power
  • 4000 for observation scope high power


Imagine you're observing a Liberty Cargo (mast height ~26m) through an observation scope at high power and ship's mast reaches "100" mark. Then the range will be:

26 * 4000 / 100 = 26 * 40 = 1040 meters
If you'd go up to conning tower and observe the ship through attack scope now (don't forget high power), its mast will reach "10" mark. Let's check the range:

26 * 400 / 10 = 26 * 40 = 1040 meters
RAOBF should give you something close to this value (between "10" and "11" on the range ring).

If you now surface and observe the target through your binoculars, it will take up 2.5 marks:

26 * 100 / 2.5 = 1040 meters
Mental rule for k:

"Normally x100, additional 0 for observation scope, additional x4 for high power magnification"

Take note that horizontal scale on the observation periscope is in degrees. I don't know for sure why that is, and the sources are scarce, but I believe this could be helpful for navigation and for estimating target's angular size i.e. to set salvo spread angle.


Install with JSGME after TDW's UI mods, noting the following:

The mod consists of two parts: main mod and a supplement for specific display aspect ratio.
Supplements for different aspect ratios are provided, pick one that fits your display (or resolution).

Additionally, alternative versions of periscopes are provided:
  • alternative attack scope: attack periscope with horizontal marks at the top
  • darkened scopes: oculars of the observation and attack periscopes are darkened to simulate loss of light (especially noticeable in attack scope, put those night filters to good use!)
  • darkened scopes alternative attack scope: darkened attack periscope with horizontal marks at the top

When installing darkened scopes, install main mod first, then Darkened Scopes, and Darkened Scopes Alternative Attack Scope last.

Example mod order:
  • ...arbitrary mods...
  • NewUIs_TDC_7_4_2_ByTheDarkWraith
  • ...additional NewUIs mods...
  • ...some more arbitrary mods...
  • Large Optics for TDW UI
  • Large Optics for TDW UI 4 by 3 (OR "...8 by 5", OR "...16 by 9")
  • Large Optics for TDW UI Darkened Scopes
  • Large Optics for TDW UI Darkened Scopes Alt Attack Scope
  • ...some more mods (but see "Compatibility" below)...


This mod is incompatible with any mod that changes either of:
  • Data/Library/
  • Data/Menu/Pages/Page attack periscope.ini
  • Data/Menu/Pages/Page binocular.ini
  • Data/Menu/Pages/Page obs periscope.ini
  • Data/Menu/Pages/Page TDC.ini
  • Data/Menu/Pages/Page UZO.ini
  • Data/Menu/Skins/German/Gui/Layout/
  • Data/Menu/Skins/German/Gui/Layout/
  • Data/Menu/Gui/
  • Data/Menu/Gui/Layout/

If any mod installed after Large Optics changes any of those files, you will get wrong images and/or inaccurate markings.

  • Deck gun optics


Feel free to use image and/or .cam files from this mod as you see fit (e.g. in your own mods). Credit me if you feel like it
Keep in mind that .ini files in Data/Menu/Pages are based off TheDarkWraith's UI mods and thus are subject to whatever terms he deems necessary.


TheDarkWraith for his excellent mods and patches
Arclight for his periscope mods (this mod is greatly inspired by his work) community for its awesomeness
skwas for Silent 3ditor
Ubisoft for Silent Hunter games
Inkscape developers for Inkscape
GIMP developers for GIMP
Shawn Kirst for GIMP DDS plugin


Download v1.0 for TDW NewUIs v7.4.2
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