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Default Welcome aboard!


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Hi all.I would like to get some tips about target shadowing and following it by visuals and smoke.I have map ocntacts off and its annoying because i dont know what to do,usually i try to estimate the course by asking the watch officer about its range and bearing and wait a few minutes and ask again then plot the course but the course is unreliable and i cant intrecept the target
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All assuming that all you can see is smoke and there's no visual of the target vessel.

It'll always be an estimation based on smoke on the horizon (meaning visual tracking) and what you are doing already is going to be the main action to get your some reference to measure against.

Yep, it's not easy. Depending on weather and visual clarity, judging whether that smoke is dropping over the horizon or not is the first judgement to make. This will take some time. If you can work out that, then next will be to work on your speed matching. Using 6kn as a starting point determine if you seem to overtaking or not.

Actually, it'll end being a combination of rudder changes (use the rudder interface to make direction changes) and speed changes (use the speed scale and not engine settings).

If you can maintain visual on their smoke (height above the horizon), then you are shadowing ..... and then you can plan your next steps, such as planning an ambush.

Under water, there are techniques to shadow also using sonar and these are more busy, takes more time to learn and really give you a sense of just how capable these navigators and boat captains were.


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