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Default Updates: U-Boats Strike Back!

Yesterday an update to version 0.9.28 was released with this main points of changes:
  • New sky graphics
  • Volumetric clouds
  • complete weather system overhaul, allowing for more weather variety
  • Improved water physics
  • Upscaling: DLSS, FSR, TAAU, and CAS are now supported
  • New performance mode to enable smoother running on older machines
  • Improved VFX (Starshells, 5-inch guns muzzle flash)
  • Improved visuals in depth charge camera view
  • Added lens flares
  • Smoother searchlight movement
  • Fixed oil leak visuals
  • New CBDR system
  • small bug fixes

Best regards,

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Onkel Neal
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Thanks for the update.
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Default Request - ambush/attack/mixed

Could you please add a "mixed" setting for the locations and ranges u-boats appear at, with some starting submerged at 3500 yards, and others at 5000 yards but surfaced? This would make managing the escorts more problematic and help with replayabiity?
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Onkel Neal
Born to Run Silent
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And it's on sale for $18

The U-Boats Strike Back!
Dear Destroyer fans,

As we move ever closer to version 1.0, there is a lot to look forward to, but also many obstacles to overcome. We are at an exciting (but at the same time difficult) point in development where we are stretched thin between working on the campaign, applying current gameplay fixes and adding new features to the game. Each of these on its own would be a big workload for our little team, but handling all three at the same time is really causing the project to almost reach critical mass.

However, we are steadily moving forward and, hopefully, tackling some of the issues you have observed as we go. Our newest feature is the Uboats’ ability to attack our destroyer and the remaining escorts. This is a feature that has been requested since the very appearance of our demo, and although this is not something that you will see every five minutes, then again, attacks like these did occur, especially if the U-boat captain was desperate, or driven by opportunity.

Next, we once again took a close look at some of the most frequent complaints by the community, namely depth charge hit detection. It already got a major overhaul two updates ago (with the added option to increase the explosion size of your depth charges), yet it seems like the transition to the new version of Unity actually messed with more than just graphics - it also affected several key game mechanics. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience, and we hope that, with the current update, we have been able to correct all the bugs that appeared during that transition.

Regardless, the current update introduces the reworked depth charge system that we promised a few months ago: a new set of colliders (both for depth charges and the U-boat itself), a new way in which damage is calculated (including a much bigger chance for critical hits that can obliterate the U-boat instantly), and recalibrated targeting, to go in line with all of the above.

On top of that, we made sure that the U-boats will now be intimidated more easily and for longer periods of time, depending on how much damage they have been dealt. Escorts’ speeds have also been increased to make them more flexible and maneuverable. As always, all these and other small fixes have been introduced following your comments and requests.

We hope that this new update will be to your liking, and, as always, we wish you many successfully defended convoys!

Artur Salwarowski
Destroyer Lead Designer
Iron Wolf Studio
Changes in this update:
U-boats attack our destroyer and escorts
New U-boat controller
Ambush fixes
Depth charge hit detection and targeting reworked
U-boats now forfeit the attack for longer when threatened or damaged
Escorts are now faster
Lookouts report floating debris
CBDR corrections

SUBSIM - 26 Years on the Web
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Default Destroyer The Uboat Hunter

yep, got shot from rear of Sub, 300 meters, and I was circling him
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Originally Posted by Onkel Neal View Post
And it's on sale for $18

Got it, thanks Neal

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